10 Celebrity Hairstyle Inspirations For A Perfect Weekend Outing!


10 Celebrity Hairstyle Inspirations For A Perfect Weekend Outing!

Hey pretty ladies!

After a long hectic week of work, nothing relaxes like a nice weekend getaway. Whether it is a short trip to a farmhouse or a long planned trip to the beach, it is always super fun. Whenever you are out on a trip, you want to look your best with the limited amount of time in hand. Today, we take a look at some celebrity hairstyles which are perfect for a weekend outing.

Messy Ponytail:

A messy ponytail is easy to style & does not consume much time. It gives a perfect casual look & makes you look stylish as well.


Loose Waves:

Soft loose wavy hair is literally the go-to hairstyle for a beach outing. It looks good both with long bob as well as medium length hair. It also adds a soft feminine touch to your overall look.


Hair Wrapped Ponytail:

A hair wrapped ponytail is another hairstyle which is perfect for a weekend outing. It looks trendy & can be styled quickly within minutes. You can also add a puff to make it look more stylish.


Fishtail Braid:

Fishtail braids have become very common nowadays. They look very pretty & add a touch of elegance as well. Once mastered, they are quite easy to style & keep your hair intact.

Twisted Low Bun:

A twisted low bun adds a certain charm to your personality & looks gorgeous. Simply comb back your hair into a low ponytail. Then twist the hair & wrap around in a bun. You can either opt for a neat & clean bun or go for a messy one by letting some hair strands loose from the sides.


Headscarf Hairdo:

You can also style your hair using a scarf. It is easy to style & is best for second day shampoo hair. You can try out different ways to use the scarf such as a headband, to wrap around an updo or with a simple ponytail. It looks fun & super cute.


Top Knot Bun:

A top knot bun updo comes to your rescue especially when you are having a bad hair day & have limited time in hand. It is very easy to style & gives an overall neat look.


A High Ponytail:

This is probably one of the easiest to style hairdo. Simply pull back your hair in a high ponytail & secure with an elastic. It looks pretty & goes well with almost every outfit.


Twist & Braid:

This is another lovely hairstyle which has become quite popular. Take a section of your hair from the front & tie into a braid. Now, take these to the back of your head & secure with bobby pins. Then tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail & you are good to go!


Braided Crown:

A braided crown hairdo looks beautiful & very feminine. You can either style this with a bun or even let the hair loose open. This hairstyle works well with both casual as well as formal attire.


Have you tried any of these hairdos lately?

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