10 Celebrity Skin Care Tips



10 Celebrity Skin Care Tips

We drool over them, we follow them of social sites, twitter, instagram, everywhere. We want to walk, talk, look like them. We want to be them. Yesss ladies! I am talking about our obsession with our favourite celebrity.

Our favourite celebrities somehow always, magically manage to look purrrrfect every damn time. How? Seriously how? Its like they possess these angelic powers. Be  it the heat, the cold, the rain, any and every situation they just seem so effortlessly flawless. Is it magic?

Now, if you look at it realistically, with their hectic routine it is NOT possible to look drop oh-so-awesome, without doing absolutely nothing.  So today I am going share with you a few beauty tips from the who’s who of the glamour world.


According to Jennifer Lopez, getting the adequate amount of sleep and taking time to breathe are the two things that she never compromises with. With that comes, good lifestyle habits. She says they are as important as what you put on your skin. So that seems easy right? Nothing too complicated. Something can or rather should inculcate.

rosamunda pike

Gone Girl star Rosamunda Pike believes that frequent facials are essential when it comes to taking care of your skin. This is what gives her the confidence to face the camera for close-ups. And in her makeup bag the one product you will always find is the sunscreen, to save herself from the exposure when she is shooting outdoor.


scarlett johansson

Super star Scarlett Johansson might be earning in millions but when it comes to her beauty routine, she swears by something that hardly cost 5 dollars. It is apple cider vinegar. She uses it to wash her face for the flawless, blemish free, gorgeous skin.


Halley Berry

Bond girl Halle Berry seems to prefer caffeine to anything else when it comes to her skin. She uses coffee grinds to scrub away the dead cells. A super way to wake up your body and get your skin camera ready everytime, I must say.


emma stone

Skincare can be a huge deal for those with super sensitive skin. You almost never know which product to buy, and your skin seems to have a mind of its own, for it at times starts rejecting products that you thought finally you could start stocking up. So why not try the Emma Stone trick to keep your skin healthy and moisturised. Use olive oil or grape seed oil. Yes! That is exactly the product actress Emma Stone has been shelling her money on. Just go any departmental store and grab a bottle of either of the oils. Couldn’t have been easier.


jennifer aniston

Ever noticed how young Jennifer Anniston looks? Who can say that she’s 44? And the secret behind her amazing evergreen look is…Vaseline. Yes! You read it right. Jennifer Anniston claims that she slathers a good amount of the innocent petroleum jelly under her eyes every night before hitting the bed. This prevents her from getting the dreaded crow’s feet.

anne hathaway

The super talented Oscar winner Anne Hathaway has always wowed her viewers with her exceptional acting skills on screen, but when asked about the secret behind her luminous, radiant, gorgeous skin, the answer seriously couldn’t have been more simpler. Anne Hathaway swears by a 100% organic and high water intake diet.


kate hudson

You can say that with mother like Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson already has the genes doing the work for her, but the actor seems to have a wonderfully simple trick up her sleeve to keep the glow on her face. What she does is, she fills up her bathroom sink with water and then adds ice to it, and just submerges her face into the cold water. This she claims helps to close the pores and keep the elasticity of the skin.


marion cotillard

The beautiful French actress Marion Cortillard reportedly swears by another awesome product that you can easily get hold of. It is argan oil. She claims that the oil is packed with anti-oxidants that helps to maintain her skin’s elasticity and an contributes to the natural glow that comes with it.


miranda kerr

Ok this might sound a bit weird to you but Miranda Kerr doesn’t seem to it so. She says the secret behind her awesome skin is coconut oil. An she has 4 tbsp of them daily, either drizzled over her food or in her tea, etc. According to Kerr, the oil is full of skin-friendly antioxidants.

Which trick are you planning to try?

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