10 Cheap Beauty Tips You Must Know


By Ishleen

10 Cheap Beauty Tips You Must Know

There comes a certain time in each one of our lives, when we just cannot afford to splurge on luxurious beauty products; even the drugstore makeup appears way too expensive when we are on a makeup-ban, isn’t it? From experience I have learnt that a few cheap beauty tips never hurt, and in fact, they can be a savior when your pockets are weighed down.

We talked to a few beauty experts, and got you some of the most cost efficient ways to maintain your beautiful self. Scroll down to read more.

Vaseline to the rescue

On the very next trip to the chemist or a supermarket, get the biggest tub of Vaseline you can see. Why? Because Vaseline can give all the makeup removers in the market, a run for their money.

Plus, it can be exhaustively used on chapped lips. In order to smoothen out flaky lips, rub a generous amount of Vaseline on them and taking a damp toothbrush, exfoliate gently in circular motions for about a minute. Remove any residue with a paper towel and follow up with a moisturizing lip balm.

Au natural lip plumper

One of the main ingredients most makeup brands use in their lip plumper is cinnamon, and good lord, how expensive some of them can be? If you want the sultry looks of fuller, plumped up lips, go ahead and purchase some cinnamon oil. Mix a few drops in your regular gloss or liquid lipstick, and use it as you would normally do. Plumped lips at a fraction of a price.

Clove oil to the rescue

Most of us breakout, or have suffered from breakouts in the past, and we wonder what can we do to treat them? Many people suggest refraining from makeup when the skin is breaking out, but what if we do not want to go bare face? Here’s the deal, mix 2-4 drops of pure clove oil in your regular bb cream, moisturizer or foundation, whatever your holy grail face product might be, and shake it up. Use the product as normal; the clove oil will fight the acne and keep it in check. Clove oil has great anti-acne properties.

Make the most of your bronzing tints

I prefer buying foundations, two-three shades darker than my skin tone instead of bronzers. But at times these appear to have too heavy a coverage for a bronzing tint; so in order to convert it in a sheer bronzer, I mix up my high-end bronzing tint with an affordable, drugstore moisturizer. This serves two purposes. First, the resulting product gives a sheer, sun kissed warm look to the skin; secondly, it prolongs the shelf life on the bronzer. Yes, seriously!

Swap shaving creams for conditioners

Yes, waxing may be the most widely-accepted means of body hair-removal; but we all have shaved our legs just before the party where we decide to wear that LBD. Isn’t it? And trust me buying a tube of shaving creams and using it only sparingly can be real depressing? But why splurge on shaving creams when your regular hair conditioner does the job just well, if not better? Swap it for the shaving cream, and get the smoothest legs you could have only dreamt of.

Johnson’s No More Tears Baby Shampoo

I can’t even start telling you how much I love this little baby from the house of Johnson’s. Reason? I use it as my holy-grail makeup remover, and given its no tear formula it is totally safe for the eye are as well. It is so mild that it will remove the makeup efficiently without harming the skin a bit. And it is so much cheap than the average makeup removers in the market.

DIY Matte lipstick

how to turn glossy lipstick matte

You can convert any lipstick into a sexy matte stain by just applying pressed powder on to your lips after applying your regular lipstick, no matter what finish is it. Another thin g you can do is, to press a single ply of tissue on your lips in between coats, and using a loose powder and a fluffy brush, dust some powder on to the tissue, mattifying the lipstick and helping it stay for longer.

Nude lips

Loving the on-going trend of nude lips, but afraid to commit yet? No issues, we all have had commitment issues when it comes to trying new lip colors. But nude lips have an easy fix. Exfoliate your lips, and layer them with a thin layer of your regular foundation using a lip brush. Let the foundation set, and voila! You just embraced the nude lip trend. To further intensify the pout, take a flesh toned or nude lip liner and outline the corners of your lips in short strokes.

Baking Soda fever

Baking soda is one such thing which always lies in the corner of our pantry, not receiving the due attention it should have got.


Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with your regular cleanser to convert it in to an exfoliating cleanser. Similarly, mix 2 heaping teaspoons of baking soda with a cup of water and use it as final rinse for your hair; it acts as a clarifying shampoo and will leave the hair with some luminosity. Lastly, baking soda can always be used as a teeth whitener. Just mix it up with a few drops of lemon, and use it once a week instead of your regular toothpaste.


Honey is one product which has innumerable benefits for our skin, body and hair.

honey hair care

After shampooing your hair, rub in a huge teaspoon worth quantity of honey onto your damp hair, massage it for a few minutes and then wash it off. I swear by this trick whenever my hair starts lacking moisture; especially when I am swimming and my hair gets chlorine-affected. Lastly, use honey as a face pack. Use it on its own, or mix it up with yogurt, lemon, or cinnamon; the anti-bacterial properties in honey will help your skin to get better in every way possible.

So here were my go-to tips for saving on beauty.

Let us know if you use any of them, and how do they fair for you?

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