10 Classic Hair Do For Indian Women


10 Classic Hairdo For Indian Women

Indian women are known the world over for best of hair and hairstyles. People from far flung areas come to see and experience the Indian women for their love for natural and long hair. Today, I am here to share with you some of the classic hair do’s which are meant for Indian women.

Style 1: The classic braid

decorated Braid

You cannot take this away from Indian women. It is like a pure symbol of Made in India. Originated in Africa, this has now become a cross-cultural hair style in India. Women of all ages can sport this hairstyle easily!

Style 2: Accessorized bun

bridal bun

This one is just totally Indian. It is an Indian bride’s/ bridesmaid’s go to hairstyle. Traditionally considered as a hairstyle meant for the women of repute queens or princess. It is purely a symbol of Indian women royal look. This is what we all love isn’t? We are tailored this way, can’t help!

Style 3: Flowered bun


This is another Indian up do which would cross barriers across the various regional disparities. You would find this style a total hit with North Indian women as well as South Indian women, difference in usage is occasional vis- -vis regular.

Style 4: Messy Bun

easy bun

This is more of an urbane hairstyle but favorite of women across ages. Since this hairstyle goes well with any kind of attire- Indian or Western, it is a hit with the women. You would in fact find it on a woman cooking, handling or babysitting a kid or may be busy with her laptop at work.

Style 5: Traditional Accessorized chignon


This goes well with Indian attire and was a famous hairstyle of the 80s and 90s mostly seen in all songs you would watch. Remember Asha Parekh or Nanda, they were epitomes of this hairstyle in old movies and songs. Deepika Padukone also styled the same way in her debut movie Om Shanti Om playing the protagonist from 80s.

Style 6: Flicks and braid

Both Side Braided - Korean Hairstyle

If at all you have watched old movies, you must be knowing Sadhna, the actress who passed away recently! Well she was popular for her chic braided hairstyle with front flicks. Her hairstyle was just too cute to exist and is a classic hairstyle for sure.

Style 7: Healthy Straight Hair

rekha beauty secrets

You are Indian if you wear Sindoor in your parting and have kept your waist-long hair open to let them flow. You see it a lot of times on many Indian women around you. Like for yester year’s actress Rekha, it is a hairstyle she just can’t get over with.

Style 8: Side tied open hair

side tied hair

Another way to showcase your beautiful hair is to go for a chic hairstyle which requires tying your hair from one side and leaving them open to flow. This looks extremely stylish and has been in existence since ages for women to love it.

Style 9: Simple back tied curly hair


Indian women with curly hair are mostly seen with this hairstyle which would look beautiful on them and make their curls flow at their back and make them look naturally stylish.

Style 10: Retro braid with three strands

retro look hair

This one is yet again a braided hairstyle which cannot be taken away from us Indian women. You would love it and you would adore it but never get off it. Looks pretty and serene suiting almost all age groups.



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