10 Coastal Scents Duo Defining Wands Reviews+ Video Review


10 Coastal Scents Duo Defining Wands Reviews

Today I have a few eyeliner shades to share with you girls. These are Duo Defining Wands from Coastal Scents and are designed with a great concept. As the name suggests, these are double duty products.


coastal scents haul+ duo defining wands
This came in a set of 12..but i forgot to photograph 2 of them..


Coastal Scents Duo Defining Wands are dual tipped. One side is the angled eyeliner and the other side is a sponge tip smudger with shades that compliment the eyeliners.

  • Price- I got the set of ten eyeliners for around $24. Individual pencils cost $9.95
  • Packaging– These pencils are shiny silver-grey in colour and shade names are mentioned on the body. One end of the pencils is also colour coded so there is no need to open each pencil to search for the desired shade. The eyeliners are retractable.


10 Coastal Scents Duo Defining Wands Shades

  • Aquamarine/Seaglass– The eyeliner is a nice turquoise colour. The smudger shade is a baby blue.
  • Redwood/ Tumble weed- This is one of my favourite shades as it is a brown which shows up on my eyelids. Smudger shade is shimmery taupe colour which looks beautiful with the eyeliner but it can’t be used alone.
  • Dark Lagoon/ Mermaid Mist This is another favourite from the lot. It is deep blue and brightens the eyes. The smudger is faint purple and is shimmery but is quite long staying. The shades do not crease, smudge or melt.
  • Midnight Onyx/Silver Topaz– The liner is a charcoal black shade. It is not pitch black but still ooks beautiful. The silver smudger shade is perfect for the corner of eyes. It highlights beautifully. The shades have a good staying power of 6-7 hrs.
  • Shoreline/ Palm Frawn– This olive green eyeliner is useless as it is very less pigmented. The shimmery beige smudger shade does not show up even on palm.
  • Chocolate/Pistachio– This one is a pigmented chocolate brown eyeliner. The accompanying forest green shimmer smudger is very elegant.
  • Desert Rose/Sahara– This is the worst of the lot. It does not show up on Indian skin at all.
  • Pine Needle/Evergreen– The dark green eyeliner and olive green smudger compliment each other very well. These are pigmented and last long.
  • Coral Berry/Lilac Pearl– The eyeliner is a lovely violet but the lilac smudger shade does not show up.
  • Aztec/Platinum- This is a highlighting combo. The eyeliner is a silver-white with shimmer. The pale gold smudger is perfect for Indian skins.


Texture - 10 Coastal Scents Duo Defining Wands

These pencils are very creamy regardless of their pigmentation. They are very soft and glide like a dream. The smudger is nice and does not flake.

Let me remind you that my lids are not oily so consider this if you have oily lids as these may flake on oily lids.


My Take

These Coastal Scents Duo Defining Wands are nothing extraordinary. Many better quality eye-pencils are easily available in India so you do not need to run to grab these. But what sets them apart are the complimentary highlighting shades. These shades are beautiful and are not easily available in our country. You can try 2-3 shades if you want.

The wands have no fragrance at all.

And now we have the video where you can check out every shade well-


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