10 Coloressence Liquid Lipcolors Review and Swatches


10 Coloressence Liquid Lipcolors Review and Swatches

Coloressence lipgloss shade 03, 04, 11, 05, 08:-

coloressence lipcolor 03+04+11+05+08 swatches


This is a post for all of you girls who love lip glosses.  Coloressence has evolved from the colourful side of Nature’s Essence, which is a personal care Indian giant with operations across India and 24 other countries of the world.  The range has been specially developed looking into the Indian skin tones. The pigments for the products are imported from Germany and are of the highest quality with one stroke application.



Coloressence Shade 01, 09, 02, 12, 06:-


coloressence lipcolor 03+04+11+05+08 swatches




This range hydrates and volumizes your lips.  The colours are bright and sheer and the product feathery light on your lips.  When you wear it on it’s own you will find a mild glossy lustre and subtle color on your lips.

  • Price: 199
  • Quantity: 6 ml (old packing) /4 ml ( new packing)




Coloressence Lipgloss Shade 03, 06 , 12, 02, 09:-


Coloressence liquid lipcolors shade 09+02+12+06+03 swatches



The colours in the range are all prefixed with LLP and I was able to swatch 01,02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 11 and 12I managed to see the coloressence range in Lucknow when I was there last month.  It is very popular there.  Every little store had these lip glosses.  I have not seen a single one in Mumbai as yet.  The only down side of these lip glosses is that it does not last for long.  If you like putting your gloss on over and over again then this one is for you.  If you like it to stay on for the first half of the day atleast then you will be sorely dissapointed.

Coloressence Liquid Lipcolor Review and Swatches+coloressence glosses


I like that the colours are sheer and very girly but then they are also sticky and I can’t sticky…I don’t think I will purchase any of them only because its a chip chip product!

Below you can see the two lillies that bloomed this week….they made me so happy really.


Coloressence Liquid Lipcolor Review and Swatches+flowers

What I like about Coloressence Liquid Lipcolor:

  • Moisture-rich formula
  • Volumizes lips
  • Available in different trendy colours
  •  Can be used over a lipstick
  • 100% veg.
  • No animal ingredients
  • Feels very light on the lips
  • Good Indian brand
  • Available in stores and online
  • Very Affordable

What I don’t like about Coloressence Liquid Lipcolor:

  • Sticky
  • Does not last for too long

Have you tried Coloressence Liquid Lipcolor?


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  1. I have shade #2 (vibrant violet) in this range and totally agree, these are good for 199.. but sticky, my hair strands stick to my lips and its difficult and yucky to pull them out..
    I use these to top off the lipliner (not a lipstick! ) and that way these stay a bit longer !!

  2. Lovely swatches as usual Chris :yes: But sticky?? :confused: N they look a bit watery na? Like the color seems separated by a layer of oil or sumthin. :-/ N ur lillies r lovely :-))

  3. Chrissy how are u? I am glad for the Lillies but u will need to get rid of them if you are planning to get a kitty for shelter, Lillies kill cats :(, please get this confirmed dear!

    • aahhh ya i read that…..no cats will be in the guest toilet…did i mention to u they were cming today?
      how did u know? got 2 coming in for post operative care. sterilization. hey see fb i put pics of my rescue today…..

      • I thought u would bring some kitties in as usual! thats y thought of telling ya, I see the updates on FB :). good going :). How is Kelly doing?

  4. ya one month sincer her last fit……….so i am happy..shes on a strict diet and so her liver is not burdened. n hows ure girl?


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