10 Common Lipstick Mistakes That You Might Be Guilty Of


10 Common Lipstick Mistakes That You Might be Guilty Of

We have always known lipsticks as the easiest of makeup and also the most playful thing. A lipstick can easily complete a makeup look, an outfit, and even a mood. A lipstick is actual a reflection of how you feel about yourself. You can spot red lips on someone who is feeling bold or is in mood to romance, and you can spot someone with subtle colors who want to keep things a little low profile.

Lipstick is actually quite a game player but at time it completely ruins your game and makes you look like a makeup sinner. If you know what I mean!!!!

I am not taking a gig on anybody here, but all I am trying to do is to tell that people are actually guilty of committing some lipstick mistakes, which they are not even aware of.

Lipstick mistake…….. NO that’s not possible!!!! Is this what you think????


covergirl colorlicious lipsticks


If you think so, then you should definitely read the mistakes mentioned below and you will realize where you have been moving wrong with your lipstick so far in life.

Read On.

Not Exfoliating

No makeup is good without any prepping and your lips are no exception here. If you do not exfoliate your lips before lipstick application, what you will have is flaky lips which will not allow smooth application of lipstick. Always ensure to exfoliate and buff off dead skin cells before you proceed with lip makeup.

Not Priming & Hydrating

Similar to face, priming lips before makeup too is necessary. Apply a moisturizing layer to your lips that will smooth out fine lines and act as a magnet for lip color or invest in a good color free lip primer. If you have dry lips then you should never skip applying lip balm underneath lipsticks, however I would suggest all kinds of lips to apply lip balm before lipstick and follow up with foundation, this will help pop up the color on your lips and not let it look dull.

Choosing The Wrong Shade

Choosing the shade that does not flatter your skin tone is no less than a blunder.  Choose lipstick wisely as per your skin tone. Do not ignore your overall makeup look while selecting lip shade. A bold red pout with sultry smokey eyes will play havoc with your overall look, remember to let play one facial feature at a time; if smokey eyes are your bet, choose nude lip shades and if you are keep your eyes simple, then you can keep a bold pout.


Wet n Wild MegaLast Spotlight Red lipstick


Ignoring Your Lip Shape

Dark lipstick makes your lips appear thinner, while lighter lipsticks can make your lips appear fuller. You got to choose what you want as per your lip shape. If you do not intend to make your lips appear thinner than they already are, then you should stay away from the vampy and very dark hues. If you do not intend to make your lips look fuller than they already are, then choose darker nudes. Subtle shades can be played up on most lip shapes.

Improper Lining Your Lips

Improper lip linings are a big sin. Always try to look for a lip liner that matches your lipstick, nothing lighter or darker. Alternatively you can choose a lip liner that is very close to your natural lip color, this will save you many bucks. Lining lips can help you define your lip shape and prevent your lipstick from bleeding.




Going Overboard With Gloss

You do not need to apply gloss all over your lips and paint them. All that you really need is to just add a dab of gloss to the center of the lips. This will enhance their natural shape and also add a hint of shine. Glosses tend to slide off after an hour or so, and a gloss can drag your lip color right down with it.

Not Setting It

Who wants a lipstick to budge, smear or fade off in an hour or so, neither me nor you!!! So why not set your lipstick. Extend the life of your applied lipstick by setting it. Blotting helps press color into the lips, and if you desire to extend the longevity of your lipstick on your lips, then simply hold a single ply of tissue over your lips, and dust a setting powder on top. There you are done with setting your lips.

Letting It Go On Teeth

Please never ignore these. Lipstick on teeth is so shabby and an unpleasing sight for whoever sees it on you. Prevent lipstick from transferring on your teeth by putting a finger in your mouth, gently closing your lips around it, now slowly pull the finger out. Any lipstick that you find on your finger is probably the lipstick that could have been on your teeth.


lakme creaseless lipstick pink charge


Not Carrying It With You

Never ever forget to carry your lipstick with you. A need for touch up is never forecasted, you never know when that touch up moment may come, so always carry the lipstick you apply with you. At any given moment you can touch up and avoid the sight of patchy lips. Also please do not do your touchups in public. That is really odd, public places have washrooms, you can always go there and do your touch up.

So ladies these were some common lipstick mistakes that most women commit. Infact there are moments when we all can be guilty of doing them, if not all of these but a few. I ask again, Who all are guilty of these lipstick mistakes???
Be honest with your answers!!!

Have you too made these lipstick mistakes?

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  1. I have made so many msitakes which i am guilty off but people learn 🙂 Thanks for this beautiful article


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