10 Concealer Hacks You Must Try


10 Concealer Hacks You Must Try

Hello ladies! You know what; I always thought that cosmetics come with a single use. I mean lipsticks are meant for lips and Kohl only stands a good use for eyes. But I was proved wrong when I discovered that a lip balm could be created using a lipstick and the same could be used as a blush! Well since that time, I have started taking things in the light of multiple tasks and I feel that there is more to everything we use. Today, I am here with a similar idea like 10 Concealer Hacks You Must Try.

stick concealer

If you could see more uses to a concealer, I am sure you would agree too! All what’s, hows and why’s are answered below for you.

concealer myths busted

  1. Do not apply your concealer before your foundation

I know this is the basic I have been sharing since long but just in order to reiterate the best hack for your concealer, I wanted to reassure the same. Always begin with your foundation and then use the concealer.

  1. If you are using a concealer under your eye it should be triangular pointed towards your cheeks

This is the most common mistake we do. We always use the concealer under the eye tracing its shape. This is not the right way, we should always try and form a triangle pointing downwards towards the cheeks as it would help cover the dark circles as well as give an instant face lift.

mac concealer and pro palette

  1. Try using a concealer on your eyes before eye shadows; you no longer need an eye primer!

concealer hacks

Yep! Try this, and you would not require spending on an eye primer if you dab your concealer just right above your eyes before you apply the eye shadow.

  1. Got a pimple? You need a green concealer and you will yourself not be able to locate it yourself.

Just pick a green concealer and put it on your pimple. Avoid using it somewhere else. And put a cotton swab over the skin around using a matching concealer. This would help cover the pimple well and make it disappear.

grren concealer for color correction

  1. If you happen to run out of your concealer, you can conceal all you need using your foundation as well

concealer hacks for pigmentation

There is nothing like a concealer but if you sometime run out of it, you can use your foundation in a small quantity just over the place you want to and leave it to dry. Once it thickens, it would reach your concealer’s properties and work accordingly.

  1. For your eyes, always ensure you use a concealer that is one tone lighter to your skin tone


This ensures a smooth highlight with no problem of it looking unnatural. It also helps on days specially when you have not slept well.

  1. Confused over what color of concealer to buy? Read this

concealer for even skin tone

Always buy a yellow toned concealer for a dark skin tone. If you need to cover your dark circles, always go for a pink or a peach toned concealer depending on your skin tone. For blemishes, green toned concealer is always good as I already suggested above.

8. Always blot the area with a thin tissue to remove the excess oil from the area you just concealed

blotting under eye area

This is much needed as it helps to reduce the chances of the concealer setting in your fine lines around your eyes.

  1. If you ever wrong your eye liner, you can correct it using your concealer

eye liner correction

This can be easily done and corrected using an angled-brush which means you can save time as would be required to redo it.

  1. You can create your own moisturizer with your concealer

concealer as moisturiser

This can be done easily by using your own concealer and mixing it with your daily lotion. This would definitely help you hydrate your skin.

Hope you find these hacks useful 🙂


  1. Great!!Thanks for sharing.Just one more to add,it can be used as smooth lip primer too and if lipstick goes wrong, then to correct it in same fashion as you told with eyeliner.


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