10 Curly Long Hair Styles


10 Curly Long Hair Styles

While straight hair gives a neat sleek look curly hair too has a beauty of its own which is why many women love to have curly hair. Due to this unparalleled aesthetic appeal of curly hair, it’s often the envy for many women who have straight hair. If the curly hair that you have is a long one, its beauty then increases a tenfold. It falls like a wavy cascade behind you immediately grabbing everyone’s attention towards you.

However there are some women with curly hair who come to feel that hair styling options with curly hair are limited. This is however not true.

Check out some of the best Curly long hair styles given below:

Long Curls with fringes:

If you fall into the hands of an expert hairstylist he or she can even cut beautiful fringes for you and show the world how good you look with your curly hair matched with curly fringes. Yes, they do match provided they are done properly and gives you an immensely fashionable look


Long Hair styled

Long Hair styled with side curls:

You can take your curls all on one side and let them fall on one side only. This style will give you a sophisticated plus new look.


Long Hair side curls


Back brushed curls dressed with flower wreathe:

You can give yourself a stunning look by brushing your curls away from face, letting them fall backwards down your neck and wear a flower wreathe around your forehead. This will give you a typical Bohemian look. A perfect hairstyle for the celebrations this Christmas!


curls with flower wreathe

Your ballerina bun with half curly hair up do:

This long curly hairstyle indeed looks unique. A portion of the hair in the middle of the head, just at the back is made up into the ballerina bun while the rest of the curly hair is allowed to fall down your neck


ballerina bun half curly


Fiery curls:

Fiery curls can give you a dramatic look and you will definitely catch many eyeballs. To get those long red curls you need to use effective scrunching techniques and special curls volume boosting mousse.


Fiery curls

Curls brushed aside on one side and embellished with flowers:

Brush your curls on any one side of your head, say right or left and clip it at the same time embellishing it with some beautiful flowers. This is an ideal long curly hairstyle for the gay summer season.


side brushed curls - flower

Long Curly hair tied up into a high ponytail:

Wearing curly hair up into a high ponytail will make you look ultra-mod. This hairstyle is very much in-trends nowadays and loved by the college going girls with long curly hairs. But before styling your hair in this way, you need to use a suitable conditioner


curly hair high ponytail

Long Curly Hair done into a stunning French twist:

All you need is a French comb for styling your curly hair in this way. Some women have excessive volume for their curly hair. In that case the tip of your curls might not fit into the comb. Let those be out because that’ll only add to the beauty of your French twist curly hairstyle.


Curly hair French twist

Long Curly Hair done into a quick bun:

Wearing up curly hair into a quick topknot bun can make you look modern and this is one hairstyle that you can use fast and easy.



Long Curly Hair styled into the beautiful faux twist style:

For this what you need to do is brush the front hair backwards towards the middle of your head. Then take from either side, the bunch of your curls, twist them and using hairpins and clips pin them properly on exactly the opposite sides. For instance if you are taking your bangs from the left part of your head, you need to twist them and pin them on the right part and vice versa. Curly hair faux twist looks really beautiful and can be accessorized with suitable hair accessories.


curly hair faux twist style


So these are 10 Curly Long Hairstyles which can use on your natural curly hair and make the hair rock!

Which is your favorite hair style?

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