10 DIY Nail Art Hacks You Must Know


10 DIY Nail Art Hacks You Must Know

Nail polishes make our hands look beautiful and nail arts make them look even better and more stylish. There is no limit to the nail art designs that you can try but not every design is easy to follow and not everyone is an artist but the not-so artsy girls need not lose heart. There are quite a lot of nail art hacks to give you designer nails. I’ve collected 10 DIY nail art hacks from around the web to make nail art easy and quick. Take a look-

Scotch Tape Designs



Scotch Tape is really useful for making different nail art designs. You can cut it in many shapes and place it on dried base coat of your choice. Then paint the rest of the nail and remove the tape. You get the perfect stripes, checks or any other shape you want.

Matte Effect with Corn Starch



Want to make a top coat that gives matte effect to your nail paint as well? Take a bottle of clear nail paint that is about 1/4th empty and add about 1 tsp. cornstarch to it. Shake very well and leave the bottle for 24 hours. Use this to give matte effect to any nail paint. You an use this trick to turn any nail paint matte.

Dotted nail Art Made Easy



Use the tip of a toothpick to place perfect polka dots on nails.You can also use bobby pin to make dots on nails.

Another trick is to place the dotted portion of a band-aid on nails and then dab nail paint on the tiny holes. You will get polka dots all over your nails.

Non-Messy French Manicure



Here is a tip that not only makes your French Mani look more glamorous but also hides any uneven lines. After you are done with your French manicure, dab some glitter nail paint at the base of white-tip. This will hide any messy lines and make your nails shine too.

Rhinestone Application Made Easy



Do you have a hard time placing rhinestones on your nails? Place them with a waxy pencil like the ones used for eyebrows. Take out the rhinestones and then place the tip of the pencil on the chosen stone. Apply a little pressure, the stone will stick to the pencil and you can easily place it on your nail wherever you want.

White Nail Paint for Many Shades



If your nail paint is too dark for you or you just want multiple shades of it for ombre nails, try this- Take a aluminium foil or any plate and place your nail paint on it in the required quantity. Now place white nail paint near it and mix quickly to get a lighter shade. Mix as much as you want to get the shade/s of your choice.

Straw for Splatter Manicure


nail art hacks easy

I’m sure that most of you love splatter nail art designs. To make them easily, take a straw and cut it into 2-3 small straws to make the handling easy. Take a straw-piece and dip it into a nail polish of your choice. Then blow it onto your already base-coated nails. You can blow multiple colours for a beautiful splatter effect.

Fan Brush for Stripes


diy nail art hacks (1)

Thin stripes on nails look good and classy. First of all paint your nails with the base coat of your choice. When it dries, take a fan brush and dip its tips in another colour of your choice. Brush it horizontally on your nail to get thin stripes. You can make many stripes, once the first set dries.

Black Gel Pen for Nail Arts


nail art hacks

Buy a good quality black gel pen to draw any design on your nails. The ones with fine tips are better and precise. Wait for at least 30 minutes for the design to dry completely.

Eyeshadow Applicator for Ombre Nails


diy nail art hacks (3)

Paint your nails with any colour. take a sponge eye-shadow applicator and dampen it with a little water. Then paint 2 coats of another nail colour on it and dab this sponge on your nails for a beautiful ombre effect. You can also use glitter nail paint with eye-shadow applicator.

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