10 East Asian Makeup tips You Must Know


10 East Asian Makeup tips You Must Know

Usually when we see Asian makeup tips, the focus is on girls with Japanese or Korean kind of features. Asia has many more kinds of facial features like Indian and Arabian etc. I guess that the term ‘Asian’ is used to classify Japanese kind of features easily and broadly.

Here we have used the term ‘East Asian’ to refer to people who are generally referred to as ‘Asian’. The girls in Korea and Japan are famous for their gorgeous skin and hair. We have covered their beauty secrets in past and now is the time to take some inspiration from how they do their makeup.

These are some East Asian Makeup tips You Must Know.

must know japanese beauty secrets

Heavy foundations are not preferred in this part of world especially in Korea. It is all about looking flawless in the most natural way without the layers of makeup and foundation and that is the reason that they were the ones who invented the idea of BB creams & CC creams so that the foundation application is replaced by these tinted moisturizing creams in order to get the natural looking flawless face.

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To combat any greasy look on face, they like to use astringents. Apply astringent lotion before proceeding with the makeup. Let the astringent dry for 5 minutes and then apply makeup.

Contouring is very important in makeup and East Asian women love this a lot. They use a lot of contouring to cover flaws like a large forehead and give sharper look to flat features.

East Asian women do not have eyelid creases mostly so they like to create them with makeup. For this they line eyes with a deep color and focus on making the upper eyeliner line bolder than the lower line of eyeliner. Then they apply a medium-tone eye-shadow from the upper lash line till 3/4th of the lid. They never skip highlighting the brow bone.

They have smaller eyes and love to use makeup to their peepers look bigger. Any girl can follow their ideas to make eyes look bigger. It is better to use charcoal shade or dark brown shade as eyeliner instead of black.

Korean beauty secrets

East Asian girls always line the upper eyelid but may skip the lower one to make eyes look bigger. If they line their lower lash-line then they stay clear of waterline.

Deep jewel color eye-shadows look best on East Asian eyes. Jewel shades make eyes pop and also make them look more awake. Such colors in shades like blue, purple and green go well with their skin tones too.

Mostly, East Asians have straight eyelashes so it is must to use an eyelash curler. They love to use mascara and their mascaras are considered among the best in world. False eyelashes are also very popular in East Asian countries as they lift the look easily.

A whole strip of falsies can look really fake on East Asian eyes so they prefer to use individual lashes. These smaller pieces of false eyelashes is easy to use and gives a very natural look.

Lighter eyebrows need good grooming and East Asians love to shape and enhance their sparse brows. This step frames and defines the face. Any girl who wants a better and defined look should never skip eyebrow grooming while doing her makeup.

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