10 Easy And Quick Friday Hairstyles You Can Try Today


10 Easy and Quick Friday Hairstyles You Can Try Today
Friday is the day to relax with the weekend just a day away. I am sure most of us eagerly wait for the Friday to come sooner than it does so that we can relax and plan for the weekend. Friday is usually the day we all want to party harder and then wake up late the next day, relax and spend the weekend without any mental pressure.
Fridays are definitely a boon to dress as offices and corporate houses also permit casual dressing which means a person is totally relaxed and can definitely try some experimentation with looks. This is what this post is all about. I am bringing to you some quick hairstyles which you can do on Fridays and look like a rockstar ready to party.

High Pony


This is a cool rock chic hairstyle that can never go wrong. Dressed in casuals, denims or skirts, you would look like a rockstar specially if you keep your hair tied in a bun during weekdays. This can never go wrong with any credible hair length. It looks cool on women across ages is another specialty of this hairstyle.

Open hair


open hair
Since Friday is all about letting yourself loose, keeping your hair loose would definitely add to your mood. Keeping hair open and loose is also a style to rejuvenate your look by absolutely putting no effort. Do try this!



If you are habitual of keeping your hair open during weekdays or you keep a pony, try a high bun. It looks hip and you would look awesome specially if you have long hair. They look good with any type of attire.

Messy bun


hairstyle review
If you are one of those who love to take it rough go for a rough hairstyle and make an up do with mess all around ypur hair. You can wear a pair of jeans and tee to go with this hairstyle.

Two Ponytails

This could be a reliving of your childhood or if you have never tried it before, go for this one. This is stylish as well as cool for a Friday. It is also comfortable and very different from the league.



A simple braided hairstyle also looks cool on a Friday. Team it up with a black tee and denims and you are done! You could also try different braided styles like French braid, rope braid or any other braid style you could do for yourself.

Flip tails


 Flip hair
You can also go for a flip tail which would look good and at the same time something unique and new.

Half Bun


half bun hairstyle
If you are one of those lazy bums who want to style themselves but look for the easiest options, this one’s for you. Try this hairstyle as we have shared earlier also. It looks cool and gives you a look to die for.
I am sure you would find one hairstyle for yourself from these options. Do try these and make your Fridays rocking and happening like your mood. Have a nice rocking weekend before the time dawns for the next Monday to find us


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