10 Easy Hairstyles For Beach Holiday


10 Easy Hairstyles For Beach Holiday


Well, summers are here and its time again to hit the beach and enjoy the sunny climate to the fullest possible extent. While you are planning to relax on the beachside with your beach clothes and sunscreen supplies, don’t forget that your mane too needs a break from the regular styling appliances and your usual hair-do’s. So, this post is dedicated to the simple hairstyles which are easy to make and maintain on a beach trip, so that you enjoy with a fully relaxed mind & soul and also look perfectly gorgeous for the beach holiday.

The all time favorite Top knot bun

It is the most opted hairstyle to be sported on the beach where you have the liberty to play and soak yourself in the sun without worrying about your hair. The top knot bun is simple to do and looks great with your beach clothes.


top knot bun


Easy high pony tail

This is a great beach hairstyle to sport when you are in a supper hurry & equally super excited to hit the beach and soak in its delightful beauty. The high pony tail comes to your rescue on a bad hair day too, so that your hair doesn’t look that bad at all.


easy high ponytail


Side Swept hairstyle

It is also a lovely style which is easy to sport on a beach trip and looks really stunning. It is easy to do and non-messy and gives a really beautiful look to the face.


side swept hairstyle


Simple Braid hairstyle

This is also a great option of hairstyle which makes you look rocking the trip along the beach. It keeps your long locks in place and don’t flows all over your face while you are busy playing volleyball or disk throw near the beach.


Simple middle braid


Sporting a bandana with open or braided hair

It is also another favorite style chosen by many women. A bandana over the major part of the head and open hairstyle is all they need to do and it is done for the day! It is least time taking hairstyle which can be easily sported on a beach.


Sporting a bandana with open hair


Side braid with low bun

It is also a chic hairstyle to be followed before heading out to the beach and looks amazing on women who are blessed with medium to long hair. It is made within minutes and keeps the front hair in place.


side braid with low bun


Middle partition and twisted up hairstyle

It is also a great option of hairstyle for those women who don’t want to tie up their hair and keep them flowing during the time spent on the beach. Twisting up the side locks will keep the front locks from coming into the eyes.


middle partition twisted up


Messy side bun

This is again a great hairstyle for the beach party and you look super cool flaunting this hairstyle. It can be done in a very easy way and gives a casual and relaxing look to the face.


messy side bun


Side Pony tail

This comes in a very effortless manner and suits almost every woman. It is the cult favorite side ponytail hairstyle. It can go along very well with the fancy dress you are planning to wear to the beach party.


side ponytail


Front Braided hairstyle

It is another hairstyle fit to be sported on your beach holiday and makes you look effortlessly stylish in a great way. If you are someone who is fonder of hair up do’s frequently, then it’s the perfect hairstyle you can sport on your relaxing beach trip and ensure that your stylistic status is maintained even there, without any fuss.


front braid harirstyle


Which is your favorite hairstyle for beach?

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  1. I heart messy styles but my hair hold them badly and I usually go for side pony on beaches. Interesting post Ira :))

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