10 easy home herbal remedies to make your hands soft and supple.

Most of us give more importance to our face and generally ignore our hands . Overlooking hands and feet’s in winter is still considerable as they are primarily covered during this season. But you cannot brush them off in summers as they are fairly visible .

It is said that you can depict a women age by looking at her hand and feet. I completely agree to it because I have seen our Bollywood actress Hema Malini who in her 50 looks absolutely gorgeous but if you have noticed her hand you can guess her age straightforwardly. May be she didn’t take good care of them but if you look at Rekha her hands till date can give competition to any Bollywood actress. So before it gets too late for you too, try out some easy herbal remedies to get soft and supple hands.

Below here is a comprehensive list of herbal remedies following which you can easily get striking hands.

1. Moisturize your hands whenever you wash your hands. You can also use your face moisturizer which is been lying unused in your almirah as you didn’t like the smell, it was sticky, oily or for whatever reason.You can use vaseline too after washing your hand.

2. To keep your hands soft and supple you can make use of some easy daily remedies such as dip your hands in lukewarm milk for 5 minutes .Don’t wash them with water after dipping , just wipe them with a towel and apply moisturizer. This remedy is especially for those who have dry and rigid hands skin.

3. Mix 1tbsp of white vinegar in water and wash your hand with it. This is also a simple daily remedy to make hands soft.

4. Cut lemon into half and put ½ tsp of sugar into it. Rub it on your hands .This old remedy is quite effective. Removes all the tan and make your skin soft too.

5. Mix cucumber juice with witch hazel(Available in any drug store in India and outside).This will keep your hands clean and moisturized all the time even if you wash utensils at home.

6. You can make special hand cream at home too. Just boil two potatoes and mash them up. Add 1-2 tsp of almond oil and glycerin. Make this mixture of light consistency so that it is easy to apply on your hand. Wash it off after one hour with lukewarm water.

7. Melt lanolin and add 1tbsp. of sesame oil (til ka tel) in it. Beat the mixture nicely .Apply when it gets cold before going to the bed. Wash it off in morning.

8. If you feel your hands feel like sand paper then there cannot be a better remedy then using our good old Vaseline. Coat your hand generously with Vaseline and then slip them into inexpensive gloves.You can use cotton cloth as well. Do this before going to the bed and wake up with silky hands right from the next day. To know more about this wonder product Vaseline uses click here.

9. If you are suffering from discoloration problem on your hands then apply vitamin E directly to the spot to fade away the discoloration. To know more uses of vitamin E oil to enhance your beauty click here.

10.Apply home made moisturizing lotion as often as you can on your hand.Its a great nourishing hand cream too.To know how to make it click here.


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