10 easy lipstick tricks

Simple lipstick application tips can make a lot of difference in our look.A well shaped lips makes one appear younger and confident look too.Below are few lipstick tricks which will help you in getting those sensuous lips:-
1.If you want to make your lips look thicker than outline your lips outside your natural lip line where as for thinner lip look,  no price for guessing this Just outline inside the natural lip line.
2. To define your lips it is always advisable to choose a lip liner which is close to your lipstick color.
3. To give the best effect to your lips never make the skin of the lips look dried or chipped.
4.If you have lipstick bleeding problem then outline your lips.This tip is a must for me when I use red lipstick.
5. To give long lasting lip color to your lipstick apply a sheer layer of foundation on lips, dust powder on them and color them.
6. If you have discolored or dark colored lips then too apply foundation on lips and dust some powder over them before using the lipstick.
7 If you want your lipstick to stay longer than apply two coats of lipstick.Before you apply the second coat press the lips on a tissue paper and then go ahead with the second coat.
8.You can use lip gloss for a nude look and apply them on lipstick too.
9 .Gloss gives a fuller lips affect so if you have thick lips then it is better to avoid them.
10.If you like mixing one or two colours of lipstick then use a lipstick brush.It will help you in bringing out the best of shades.

Do you have any lipstick tricks to share with us?

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