10 Easy Summer Hairstyles Which You Will Love


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Summers are here with a bang and it is burning in Kolkata! Yes, it is. No trace of rain or even some wind, just sun shining bright like a fire. And this hot weather is the ultimate enemy for your perfect makeup and hair look. Sweating and humidity in association with pollution and dryness make our hair rough and lifeless which becomes really difficult to style. But like time and tide, our daily events wait for none! We have to go daily to office or school or college and for that, we need to tame our locks and indulge in some kind of hairstyles. So in order to give you folks some peace of mind, here I am with 10 Easy Summer Hairstyles which I am sure you will love. <3 Dig in!

10 Summer Hairstyles Which You Will Love <3

Beach Waves

Beach waves are a perfect option for this season as perfect and polish waves are a dream. To get the look, use a curling iron or a hair straightener to get that effortless finish. Top it up with a gel to get a messy feel.

Top Plait

This is one of the easiest ways to look chic. First, tie your hair into a high ponytail and then make a fishtail braid out of it. This will keep your hair in place and if you have frizzy locks, this will tame them down too. Also, by the end of the day, if you feel your hair needs another style, just pin it up into a top knot.

Baby Braids

You can also add a Bohemian touch to your cute hairstyle this summer. Add some cute baby braids to your hair and let them loose. It will add to the free spirit as yours and will make your look super cute.

Teased Tail

Don’t go by the name, this is nothing but a high pony. This will help to keep your hair off your sweaty neck and you will be able to live free throughout. Also, it is as low maintenance as possible.

Short Hair Rocks

Short hair is always easy to manage and saves your time too. You can cut your hair keeping those blunt edges to make it look fuller. You don’t need any heat tool to make your hair style and so a hair texturing gel is enough.

The In Between

If you don’t want to scrape off your locks, then this hairstyle is your BFF. Try long bob or LOB and this will keep your hair length at much as to make a top knot.

Accessorise your hair

When on a day you don’t want to hassle much and go for an easy-peasy look, hair accessories can add to the charm of the look. You can add some simple metal accessories or a hair ribbon to the low braid or ponytail and call it a day. This will add charm to your hair without any efforts.

The Crop Cut

This hair cut can look quite limiting but trust me, if you can style it, this is the ultimate rogue one to go for. The boy cut hair as this is popularly known as is quite easy to manage and it makes a great hairstyle this summer.

Bob Cut

This is one hairstyle which everyone can pull with ease. You can simply cut the hair according to your hair texture and let it free for the day. This is the best haircut for the wet hair look trend which means simply dabbing some shine serum on the hair strands and combing it for the ultimate beach hair look.

Round Your Hair

If you thought Round Cut was an old school thing, think again! This hair cut is making its presence felt but in a much less embarrassing way. The hair is not that smoothly cut anymore, it is messier and also the cut looks very cute on short-height girls. So this time round your hair. 😛

That’s all folks! Hope you have liked the ideas

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