10 Embarrassing Tampon Questions You Must Know+Video


10 Embarrassing Tampon Questions You Must Know

Hi Ladies!

I am back today with another post on Tampons. Well, I am sure you, like me have faced some embarrassing questions about tampons. I can understand if you say that you felt bad or embarrassed about these questions. Now that we are mothers, we are sure to be better placed to discuss these as mature individuals compared to a 18 year old girl who is yet to see the true side of womanhood.

I am here today with answers to 10 such questions and hope to see your reviews at the end of the post.

Using Tampons in India

Do we have to change the tampons when we go to pee or poop?

Well, this requires a bit of details on your private parts. Well, we have three holes in our vagina and tampons are not going to interfere at any cost with urination or poop. But yes, since you are also aware that the vagina is not that big as a universe so sometimes you might actually dirty your tampon and at that time, I would advise you to change it. Though even if you don’t, there is nothing harmful about it since the part inside your hole is safe and untouched so it would not get infected.

Also, in case of poop as long as the string is not soiled, you may use it but I feel that it would not really be a possibility so it’s better to change your tampon.

Can we use Tampons during discharge?

Well discharge is a common problem and some people actually suffer a lot of discharge. We should not use tampons while discharge as it might leave the area dry and it might lead to infections. You should rather go for panty liners.

Does Vagina stretch on using a Tampon?

This is baseless as there are no such scientific explanations that a vagina could stretch on using tampons. Rather this is something funny associated with vaginas as they do not really stretch when they should ideally. Like in my case, I had to undergo a C-section during my delivery as my vagina did not open up.

Is it okay to feel uneasy on using a Tampon?

No, it is not okay. Tampons have to be comfortable. These should be easy to go with except for the first few minutes when you insert it and the time they take to settle inside you. You should relax yourself, seat yourself and then.

Is leakage common with tampons?

The Causes of Vaginal Flora Imbalance

No it is not very common and its actually safe from leakage. If still you get a leakage, it is either full or small for you. I actually use a panty liner to prevent leakage

What to do if Tampon gets lost inside

Well Tampon cannot get lost as there is no sea inside. So, just sit back and relax and pull it out patiently. But do not let it be there even if it’s a very gawky feeling, I understand!

Does using a Tampon mean that we are not virgin anymore?

Virginity is not at all associated with Tampons until and unless you push it inside pretty hardly. You just need to be a little gentle with it, and that’s it, there is no harm in using tampons.

Should we use Tampons overnight?

Keeping tampons for 7-8 hours is pretty normal. If you are lucky enough to sleep beyond 8 hours, may be you could use a pad under it and sleep so that you don’t have to get up to change or prevent your clothes and bed sheets from being soiled.

Is it possible that Tampon is inserted in the wrong hole?

As I already mentioned above, we have three holes- one where we pee from, one where we poop from and vagina. I do not think, you would be wrong enough to adjudge the right hole so I guess you should trust yourself and try it for experience.

Can we wear tampons during shower?

Oh yes! You sure can wear tampons during shower. In fact they are the best when it comes to showers. People use it for swimming as well, so it is pretty safe!

I hope this ends your quest over the use of tampons. In case you have more questions, please feel free to ask these and we can have another post or video on it.


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