10 Everlasting Skin Care Tips By Beauty Guru Shahnaz Hussain


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Shahnaz Hussain is one of the pioneers of Indian beauty industry. She and her beauty tips are everlasting. She is one of those experts whom I can trust blindly when it comes to my skin care. I have been using her products since I went into the cruelty-free zone for my skin care and till date, hands down no complaints! Her skin care products and tips are always useful and when she gives out some, we are more than happy to receive it. Listing 10 Skin Care Tips by Shahnaz Hussain, scroll down!

10 Skin Care Tips By Beauty Guru Shahnaz Hussain:


Apply sandalwood paste on pimples which will heal your pimple overnight and will also help to get rid of the redness and will also stop the aggravation. And if you feel sandalwood over dries your skin, then make a tulsi leaves paste and then apply it to the affected areas.


If you feel you have acne and no toner in this world, then boil neem leaves and let it cool down. Use this is a toner after cleansing your face every day.

Homemade cleanser:

You can prepare your own homemade cleanser to get rid of all makeup. This process is not only effective but also affordable too. Mix 8-10 drops of sunflower oil to 3 tablespoons of milk. This will help to remove all excess dirt and pollution and even the waterproof mascaras.


If you feel those first signs of ageing on your face and makes you think about anti ageing creams, then give this a try. Shahnaz Hussain recommends mixing Aloe Vera gel with Lemon Juice and applying on the face. This helps to erase fine lines and remove signs of ageing.

Tan Removal:

As summer is round the corners, tan removal is of utmost importance. For this mix 2 tablespoons of Yoghurt with a pinch of Turmeric powder. This helps to remove tan most effectively if you keep this for 15 minutes and then wash off with water.

Brighten dull complexion:

To brighten up a dull complexion, here is a solution by the beauty guru. Mix Lemon Juice, Cucumber Juice and Milk in 2:2:1 ratio and use it as a toner. This will help to keep skin fresh, beautiful and bright.



If you are suffering from blackheads, this solution will cure all your worries. Mix Rice Flour and Sour Curd and apply this as a scrub all over the face. Scrub gently and then wash off.

Skin pigmentation:

If you have skin pigmentation issues, then also nature has a solution for you. Mix honey and lemon in 1:2 ratio and then apply it all over the face. Wait for 15-20 minutes and then wash off. Regular usage will help remove skin pigmentation.

Dark circle:

Dark circle? No issue at all. Apply sweet almond oil all over under eye area and then massage gently. This will help to reduce dark circles in a certain time.

Skin Lightening:

Well, this is not my cup of tea but those who want to have a dose of skin lightening here’s a natural way. Make a paste of Oats, Yogurt, Honey and sweet almond powder. Mix it well and apply it all over the face and keep on for 15-20 minutes. You can add milk if you feel the consistency is not right. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash off. See results within some days.

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  1. Thanks Taniya for sharing this. To remove dead skin cells as well as cleanse the skin you may use a body scrub. To create a natural body scrub you have many options: you can mix olive oil with brown sugar, sea salt, coffee grounds or finely ground oatmeal; massage your body with one of those while in the shower, it will help get rid of dead cells and make your skin softer, smoother and more glowing.


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