10 Every Day Funny Requests & Messages That Women Receive On Facebook


10 Every Day Funny Requests & Messages That Women Receive On Facebook

Hello girls,

The title of today’s post must have given you a hint about what we are going to talk about.

I can bet you all must have time and again received friend request and messages from strangers on social sites, but why I am only going to talk about FACEBOOK???

Well there is no social site that can beat the number of daily requests of facebook.

Those cheesy messages and friend requests from weird profiles is oh so crappy. It really irritates me but then at times they go to such level that I can’t do anything but just laugh crazily, crazy and loud enough that my mom comes quickly to check in which cloud just burst in my room.

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Recently I shared this picture on facebook, which completely describes how insane can people go in creating fake accounts and approach ladies. Come On people at least be original in your fakes.

And when you don’t respond to these friend requests or reject these, then you got be prepared for those desperate and sometime funny messages. It goes up to another level when people message you in a unique self made English. I really feel the need to read the message twice to understand the meaning and give myself a good laugh after I know what it means.

Guys, get it clear, Girls do not get impressed by the language you talk in, girls value the talk that you do.

Let us checkout some hilarious friend request and message that women receive on face book almost on a daily basis.

“Hi Sweety, I love you, please accept my friend request!!!”

First and foremost, how dare you call me Sweety??? I am not at all sweet and when the hell did the Adam’s apple fall on your head and made you fall in love with me. Total crap!!! BLOCKED

“Add me If you can!!!”

Is this a challenge or you are just casually requesting me to add you. What so ever it is, you surely are getting in my block list right away.

“You look very beautiful, Are you a model? Please be my friend, I love your picture.”

So you happen to like my picture, well thanks for it. Do only models have a patent to look beautiful. Mark my words just an angered smiley does the trick for such idiots.

“hey hi,, ritika,, your eyes has an attractive power more than GOD PARTICLE. because of your hair style, it seems like you are Cinderella. are you model..??”

HeHeHeHeHeeee…. This is an old message but this message has left quit a impression on me about how big a jerk can this boy be.  The boy literally sent the same message to every girl from my friend list and just edited the name.  It’s not the “GOD PARTCLE” thing in the message alone that makes me laugh but also the foolishness that such boys do. Simply copy-paste the message without editing the name. Yes some friends of mine received the message as it is.

By the way it was quite a cheesy message.

“Hi wanna Be me!!!!”

Lollllll… why the hell will any girl want to be you???? Literally girls such boys look in a haste of sending as many requests as possible and then they just do not read what they are writing.
Just giving a benefit of doubt, because it is really hard for me to believe that how can somebody come up with such crap.

“Hope for a positive response”


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So such a message gets you to your friend requests and you check if you have received a request from this person…. BINGO… there is the request… You just imagined what kind of DP this person will have…. Another BINGO… a creepy DP is welcoming you to his profile…
The message sound like an application form, requesting to please repair my road light, hope for a positive response. And what if I do not give a positive response, well I do not care either…. Me blocking you will let you know my response.

“Hey smarty.. According to your picture may be u r so cute… Be my friend so that I can know”

Another big LOL moment for me and you all…..  So this guy believes that a girl will add him only to let him know if the girl is actually cute or not!!! Come on Boy, I know its freezing cold and you just gulped down many drinks, but you cannot talk sheer non sense like this.

“Can I see your sweet name in My friend list?”

Oh my my….. this is very hilarious and totally stupid…. How do such boys even believe that a girl will add them in their friend list after such a message !!!

“Hey our surname are same we can have more than friendship in future. So want to try?”

This guy does not know how much repo do Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan share together, they all have same surnames. Somebody just tell what “More than Friendship” relation can there be, something like Blocked & Blocker !!!

“My hobby is to add good looking people so I am requesting you. Add me and proof you have same habit.”

Really!!!! You even have courage to think so….. we definitely can never have the same hobby ever.

This is not it. There are many more such requests that I wanted to share, but then at the end all do the same, just become laughter dose for few seconds and then go to the block list. These messages are the most common request messages that I am sure every lady must have received.  Infact I too have received the same message from different profiles, so they just copy and send. Actually they make you laugh or irritate depends more on the mood you are in, but usually we women simply laugh on seeing such foolishness.

Have you received similar weird face book messages?

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  1. Beside these type of messages, another one which I often get is…”Hi, I am from Madhubani. You are from Madhubani too?? Or you are Madhubani?” 😀 😀 😀

  2. Hahahahah so funny. You can restrict your friend request na on FB? Only mutual friends can send request then.

    I have done it otherwise it was feeling like Orkut !!! Remember 😉

    • Ohhhhhh…. The orkut days…. they were even more irritating… the weird improvements of Orkut lowered its popularity!!

  3. Very nicely written Ritika 🙂 . It sounds so hilarious but becomes so irritating at times. The most irritating is when I get a message on my the messenger during office hours. It has no “other” folder and my phone keeps buzzing!
    BTW I have started receiving a more genre of messages ie weight loss. Well I understand that people reach out to me, I felt nice that I am able to help. Now i receive messages like how to reduce hip size. is recipe mein aapne kea daala hai. you dont anser, why dont you answer.

    A lady yesterday pinged me when i was having dinner. I saw her message on my phone, I thought il revert when m done. She saw i am active and said – I am waiting for you to answer, answer fast. FML 🙁

    Sorry for a long whine!

  4. Thanx Tarun….. I can understand who irritating it might get some times…. my messenger never shows other messages…. Only when I sign in using a lapi or PC it shows me other messages !!! People see you active and then they assume that u r Active only for them.


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