10 Exquisite Eyeliner Looks You Must Check Out


10 Exquisite Eyeliner Looks You Must Check Out

Hello all you makeup geeks! It has been quite some time since we at wiseshe gave you, gorgeous chicks some eyeliner inspo! So here we are presenting before you the top 10 exquisite eye liner looks that we have been lusting after, and I am sure these will make you crave for some super-precise eyeliner skills as well!

Check them out below!

Basic Wing With A Hint Of Color

classic winged eyeliner

An exquisite eyeliner look which all beginners, who are starting to experiment with colors will love is this! All it takes is a winged or not black eyeliner on the upper lash line (keeping it thin all the way long) and adding a dash of your favorite color be it purples, greens, golds, teals, blues or any other possible color the black on the upper lash line will not make you look over-board!

A glittery waterline

Sleek glitter eyeliner on my eyes

who said glitters were for kids fancy-dress makeup routines only? Take some cool glittery-inspiration here and the next time you want to take your boring black winged liner up a notch, just add a pinch of shimmery eyeliner on wither your water line (which looks super sultry) or the end of your wing to give an extra feminine effect).

Colored winged eyeliner

nyx blue cat eyeliner look

Enough of the boring black-brown eyeliner (yes it’s boring even when its flicked or winged). Take up the new trend of creating exquisite winged eye look using one or more colored eyeliners such as this dazzling cobalt blue or any other jaded colors. You’ll love what you see next!

The cute-kitty eyeliner

Kitty Cat liner

Just look at it it’s like the very concept of Cat-eye eyeliner just got real, for good! There is nod denying the fact that cat-eyes havealways been very popular, and kitties are cute supercute actually. So, why not just get a little unreasonable and draw this cute cat-eye to match our next birthday party outfit?

Dual-color winged eyeliner

double cat eyeliner makeup

there are some colors out there which may seem too light to be used alone as an eyeliner. But if that is the case with you, you can always use it as a double up for your regular black or brown liner and create an exclusive eye-look.

Cleopatra-inspired eyeliner

Egyptian cat liner eyemakeup

Egyptian style, Cleopatra-inspired eyeliner look is not what you would like to wear everyday but for the days you feel are extra special, can lead to something extra special for your eyes too. Combine the eyeliner look with my tips on How to do cleopatra makeupย and shine like the Egyptian goddess.

Bold double-flick eyeliner

feline open liner eyemakeup

double-flick liners have been all the rage since Jodha wore it in the serial Jodha-Akbar (atleast for m :P). But I always viewed double-flick liners to be very delicate and intricately done but again, eyeliner inspos have no boundaries! Go as bold as you can and create a sultry, dramatic double-flick liner and fly the world on your wings!

Graphical eyeliner

Reverse cat eye look

we have all seen eyeliner inspos with utterly non-sense graphic-patterned designs which are nothing close to what we would actually be wearing. But this should not keep us from wearing what the runway models do with so much of ease! So this eyeliner inspo is for all of those who craved for a more wearable take on the exotic graphic liner. Easy to create, and super adorable to wear!

All-over eyeliner for a dramatic look

dramatic bold cat eyeliner

this eyeliner look is especially loved by college-going girls who are on the look out for amping up their eyeliner game without going hay-wire. A bold winged eyeliner on the upper lash line, a thick layering of kohl on the lower water line, making the both ends meet and a little tightlining enough boldness for a day! The point where this eyeliner look joins the wing and the lower lash line needs to be done precisely for it to look utterly flattering.

The classic winged eyeliner

The classic winged eyeliner

Do I need to say any more about this effortlessly gorgeous eye liner look which all of us undeniably each one of us adores so much? A classic makeup technique, the winged eyeliner can be done very subtly, or moderately (as shown in the pic); plus you can go all bold, crazy and dramatic with the wing. The main motive is to appease your senses!

Which one of these 10 exquisite eyeliner looks are you going to try?

Have you tried these eyeliner looks before?

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