10 Eye Shadows For Green – Hazel Eyes



10 Eye Shadows For Green – Hazel Eyes

After I wrote the post on “best eye shadows for brown eyes” I got many requests from friends asking to write on topics concentrating on makeup for their eye colors.

So, today I’ll show you what color eye shadows enhance green and hazel eyes.

Now, many confuse between green and hazel eyes. Hazel eyes contain a range of tones. They are somewhere between green and brown and often have flecks of gold and grey, whereas green eyes have dominant green and little hints of brown and golden.

So lets see which eye shadows will suit you best.



best eyeshadows for hazel eyes


This shade will never go out of fashion. This is the most versatile shade and goes well with whatever you wear and however you do your makeup. This is one shade that will add a punch to your soft daytime look and will also add glamour to your sexy night look.



Inglot Freedom 399 EyeShadow EOTD


A light shimmery taupe is a great option to enhance the color of your green or hazel eyes. The light shimmers will bring out the golden flecks in the irises.

Peachy Neutral


Inglot freedom 361 EOTD


Eye shadows that stay in the warm neutral range really bring out the beautiful color of your green eyes. When you use this color, it makes the attention really go to the eye color and the eye and not to the eye shadow which I think is the trick. You want people to look the beauty of your eye color and not think about what colors you have on lids.



Inglot eye shadow D.S. 608 eyeswatch


Another widely worn shade, though I am not a big fan as I feel it blends with my brown eyes completely, but it can contrast and complement green eyes beautifully. It looks amazing. If you want some color which is not too stark and would look natural, then brown will probably look best on you.



purple eyeshadow for hazel eyes


This looks gorgeous and makes eyes pop. Based on the intensity it can be worn both during the day and night. The contrast of full-on purple will make quite an impact.

Metallic beige


Colorbar I Glide Perky Pink EOTD


Choose a silvery beige colored eye shadow that will pop and highlight your eyes instantly. Silvery sage that goes on sheer to medium works well too.



Bourjois Smoky Eyes Vert Trendy EOTD


Whenever you’re using a color in the same family as your eyes, play around with texture. Something shimmery will always make your eyes stand out. Beware, chunky shimmers can ruin everything. Choose smooth shimmers.

Coppery gold


Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow 405


Eye shadows with equal amounts of copper and gold to it works great for green or hazel eyes. Make sure they are from pearl finishes. These finishes have the exact amount of shimmers for the pop. They are smooth which brings out the beauty of eyes.

Subtle pink


Inglot eyeshadow 382 EOTD


Like purples, they too contrast and complement green and hazel eyes. From subtle morning looks it can be intensified for dramatic eyes as well.



eyeshadow for hazel eyes


Soft grey eyes look quite alluring against hazel or green eyes.

Have got green eyes?? Let us know what suits you best.

Do you have more eyeshadow suggestions for green – hazel eyes?

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