10 Eyebrow Hacks Everyone Should Know


Post By Ankita Saroj

10 Eyebrow Hacks Everyone Should Know

Having pencil thin eyebrows, is a thing of the past. Thick, coarse and wild brows are in. At the same time, very artificial, off-coloured and sharpie-d kind of thick brows are looked down upon. Therefore, the challenge is, to achieve that effortless yet full and polished eyebrow look. Today, I am going to list out 10 eyebrow hacks which will help you achieve, full, beautiful brows without spending too much money or time:


Try and get your eyebrows done professionally

If not possible use a white eye pencil to outline your ideal brow shape and tweeze out all the hair that falls outside of that outline.

Tweeze after a bath-

If you are going to shape your eyebrows through tweezing, do it after a hot bath as the hair-follicles will soften and as a result easier to remove.

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Get familiar with different eyebrow grooming techniques-

There is a lot to choose from, waxing, threading, tweezing, brow-razor, eyebrow tinting, peel-off eyebrow makeup, microblading or laser removal etc. Choose whatever feels convenient and falls within your budget.

Know the color of the eyebrow filling product-

If you have darker hair, use a product that is one or two shades lighter than your hair. For example: If you have black hair, use dark brown or black brown eyebrow product to fill in your eyebrows. Also, using a cool-toned eyebrow product is always a plus as it looks more natural.

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Concentrate on that arch-

You should have a good idea of how you want your arch to look. For example- sharp, high, soft or low arch.

Don’t forget that brow bone-

If you want more lifted and dramatic eyebrows, highlight that brow bone. You don’t always need an eyebrow highlight for that purpose, you can grab your favorite shimmery, light colored shadow or face highlighter for it.

browbone highlight with cotton swab

Don’t take a closer look!

The more zoomed in view you get of your eyebrows, the more you might mess up, be it tweezing them or filling them in. Always stand a foot away, preferably in natural lighting and achieve your dream brows!

Let it fade away!

Keep the front of your eyebrows soft and faded for a natural look. Most people make the common mistake of creating thick blocks at the front edges of their brows making them look very unnatural and drawn-on.

Get innovative with makeup-

Grab that dark brown matte eyeshadow or dark brown mascara if you have run out of your regular eyebrow filling products. If you want to do the “brushed-up” look, get a regular hair gel/ hairspray or even a clear soap and shape them how you like.

Bald brows due to overtweezing?

Use a clean mascara wand as a spoolie to apply castor oil on your eyebrows. Castor oil is known to facilitate and nourish hair growth.



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