10 Eyeshadow Looks For Blue Eyes


10 Eyeshadow Looks For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes can wear a variety of eye shadows like taupe, brown, purple, blue and plum etc. Blue eyes are really bright and look beautiful when paired with the right makeup. Do not go for very stark contrast on blue eyes otherwise the look will not be very appealing. Here are some celebrity eye makeup look ideas for blue eyes-

Zooey Deschanel


makeup ideas for blue eyes

Zooey is wearing a taupe eyeshadow here. Taupe is a safe  color for blue eyes. It makes them pop without looking over the top. You can wear it everyday for a soft neutral look. For some glamour, you can add shimmer to the look in form of gold or bronze.

Cameron Diaz


eyeshadow look for blue eyes (1)

Bronze eyeshadow is making Cameron’s peepers look bright and awake. Metallic shades give a fresh look to blue eyes and you can try gold as well as silver.

Jennifer Lawrence


eye makeup looks for blue eyes

She has gone for a smoky look here. Note that Jennifer’s smoky eye makeup is not very stark. It is more like a soft wash of smoke. She has emphasized her eye lashes here.

Candice Swanepoel


eye makeup look for blue eyes

This is a beautiful minimal eye makeup look. Eyes have only a pale rose gold color all over. The lashes are also natual looking here. You can wear this look everyday.

Evan Rachel Wood


makeup looks for blue eyes

This is an amazing example of blue on blue. Evan’s blue eyes are looking gorgeous with blue eye shadow. Her eye shadow is darker than her eye color and is framing her eyes beautifully.

Blake Lively


makeup for blue eyes

This one is a fresh summery look for blue eyes. Rose gold suits blue eyes perfectly and addition of bronze is making Blake’s eyes look better. This is a really flattering look for blue eyes.

Taylor Swift


eyeshadow looks for blue eyes

Taylor has small eyes but her eyes are really sharp. Her eye makeup here is giving more edge to her look. Purple is dominating the look but there is some blue as well. Shiny inner corners are perfect.

Ashley Benson


eyeshadow makeup look for blue eyes

Eyes are the focal point here. Ashley’s electrifying look has a lot of green and blue. Upper lids have wash of green while lower lash line has been swiped with a bright blue. Her eyeliner is a dark blue to compliment the look.

Nicole Kidman


how to do makeup for blue eyes

This doll-like beauty is usually seen with barely there eye makeup. Here Nicole has used a brown on the outer corners of eyes and has extended the eye shadow.

Cate Blanchett


blue eyes makeup ideas

A really pale lavender eye shadow is what Cate has used on her eyes. Shades from the purple color family suit blue eyes well and Cate has made good use of the color.

Did you like these eyeshadow looks for blue eyes?

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