10 Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes



10 Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes

It is very essential to know the eye shadow shades that will make your eyes pop in seconds and make you look more attractive.

I have brown eyes and I am always looking for shades that will make them stand out.
So here is a list of 10 eye shadows that are best suited for brown eyes.



black shimmers eye make up+eye makeup tutorial


This shade will never go out of fashion. This is the most versatile shade and goes well with whatever you wear and however you do your makeup. This is one shade that will add a punch to your soft daytime look and will also add glamour to your sexy night look.



brown smokey eyes


Another widely worn shade, though I am not a big fan as I feel it blends with my eyes completely. So the key here is to apply some dash of colored liner or eye shadow on lower lash line, and it will look amazing. If you want some color which is not too stark and would look natural, then brown will probably look best on you.



Colorbar Full Cover Concealer Gold Eyeshadow From Lakme’s ‘Tanjore Rush’ Quad Turquoise Eyeshadow from Chambor’s ‘Sea Shimmer’ Quad


Got brown eyes?? Blues will definitely pop them up. This shade of blue, so common yet so alluringly unique and like black, goes well with any outfit. Midnight blues, navy blue or vibrant turquoise blues, there is a shade of blue for everyone. Apply them on lower lash line or the upper, but avoid wearing them on both lash lines at the same time.



turquoise green eye makeup+eye makeup tutorial


One of the shades my brown eyes love. From forest greens and shamrock greens to celadon and lime greens, this shade are very versatile, experiment to know what suits you best.



Traditional black gold eyemakeup


This is one gorgeous, versatile shade. Gold eye shadow looks great, is dramatic and perfect for the evening. Wear it alone or pair it with different eye shadows.





The hints of copper and bronze will make your brown eyes more attractive. Great for festive makeup.





This is perfect for an evening party look. Silver can highlight your brown eyes like none. You can apply on all over lids or just a small amount in the inner corner and slightly smudge. Those who have small eyes can use it on their lower lash line too.



mesmerising purple eyes


I pretty much like how this shade looks against my brown eyes. This looks gorgeous and makes my eyes pop. Based on the intensity it can be worn both during the day and night.



coastal scents bright tangerine EOTD


Not many can carry off this eye shadow shade. Oranges are very beautiful, very feminine, very bold and refreshing.



cranberry eyemakeup EYES


My favorites again. It’s another way to add a slick of brightness to your eyes this season. I love how they look against my brown eyes. Choose shades which have more pinky undertones.

Break your usual routine and spice up your look. Smudge them on lids, wear them on inner corners or on lower lash line. The pops of color will definitely make any eye noticeable.

Do you have more eyeshadow shade suggestions for brown eyes?

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