10 Fake Eyelashes For Beginners


10 Fake Eyelashes For Beginners

Hello Wise She beauties!

Today’s post is a little different than what we have generally done on wise she. Today’s post is regarding the oh-so-flirty lashes; yes, those deliciously fluttery fake lashes which we all stare at on instagram pictures and makeup tutorials, but never thought of giving them a try.

No matter how astounding they look, false eyelashes can be a pain to use; especially if you are an amateur at makeup. So here I am, compiling a list of falsies for you beautiful ladies, which are easy to use and will make your falsie experience a breeze! So, sit back and enjoy the exotic look a simple pair of fake eyelashes can give to your entire appearance.

 Sephora False Eyelashes

Sephora False Eyelashes

We all have wanted those gorgeously jet-black, thick fluttery eyelashes which complement our typical Indian heavily kohled-eye makeup look; don’t we? But a couple coats of mascara would never give the same effect. Then what? Girls, go get these pair of false eyelashes for Sephora and all your lash woes will be gone! Just like that!

Illamasqa Fake Eye Lashes

Illamasqa Fake Eye LashesIllamasqa produces some really cool cosmetics and makeup accessories—the fake lashes being one of their best ever productions. The fake eyelashes the brand has to offer to its customer is so apt for its customers—beginners and pros alike—dude, even the pros like easy to deal with falsies! They have some serious top-quality lashes which are really easy to apply and remove, without major chances of a fall-out.

 E.l.f Individual False Lashes

E.l.f Individual False LashesSome of the most cost-efficient lashes out there in the market; the individual false eyelashes from the house of eyes-lips-faces-uk are the best for the makeup novices. They are insanely easy to work with, the adhesive works pretty well, zero-to-little chances of the lashes falling off mid-event, plus, so light on the pockets. There is no harm playing around with lashes at such cheap prices. Isn’t it?

Sephora Glittery Fake Eyelashes

Sephora Glittery Fake Eyelashes

Do not let the mere idea of Glittery lashes put you off! These delicately designed; soft-as-feather fake eyelashes are a match made in heaven for your special party looks. The lashes are not at all obvious and in-your-face glittery; but the perfect pair which can get you in the party mood just like that. Plus, they do not hinder vision and are so easy to work with.

 Ardell Eyelashes

Ardell Lashes Review

The news that Ardell is the best budget eyelash maker in the Indian makeup industry is not new for a false eyelash lover. So sensibly, we all agree that their lashes are bound to be conventional, yet superbly chic. So damn easy to get in Indian markets, the ardell lashes are an eyelash hunters gold mine when found. You need to try them to feel what I am saying.

 Mac Lash 20

Mac Lash 20

These false eyelashes from Mac, are again one of those single eyelashes which you add in between your own sparse eyelashes to give them a thicker appearance without going overtly dramatic. Coming from MAC, the most trusted makeup brand worldwide; these cannot be a miss.

 Laura Mercier Faux Eyelashes

Laura Mercier Faux Eyelashes

Now, these lashes are for the pale, blonde women who have a hard time finding the perfect pair of falsies for their lashes. I do not know why, but the makeup companies have been majorly focusing on creating eyelashes for the woman of color; but thankfully Laura Mercier decided to look into the blonde’s angelic eyes, and decided to create something vampy for them too. Go, enjoy your fluttery natural-looking, long and thick blonde lashes, you beautiful!

 E.l.f VIP Eyelash Kit

e.l.f. VIP Studio Eyelash Kit

Nothing can beat ELF products when it comes to pricing, I mean they are dirt cheap! Even this VIP eyelash kit retails for far less than some of the regular range lashes from other brands. The lashes are thick, but not so thick to look in-your-face thick; they are long but not so long to give a vampy and fake look to your eyes. Plus, the packaging and the accessories resemble so much like the Sephora Deluxe lash kit and it retails for about 1/6th its cost. Yay!!

 Sephora Flirt-It-Lash-Duo Fake Eyelashes

Sephora Flirt-It-Lash-Duo Fake Eyelashes

A relatively new-take on the conventional false eye lashes; the Sephora Flirt-it-lash-duo fake lashes come in this gorgeous round packaging and comprises of single fake lashes. Unlike the regular falsies, these are not as dramatic and are perfect to be worn for a subtle day-time look. The single eye lashes are good enough to amp up your existing eye lashes without making them look dramatically fake.

 She Uemura Fake Eyelashes

She Uemura Fake Eyelashes

She Uemura is one of the most renowned Korean makeup brands, and is famous for its luxuriously designed cosmetics worldwide. Like most of the products, the fake eyelashes from the house of She Uemura are not the ones to be missed. They are like the perfectly thought-of lashes, that are delicate enough to amp up your lash game, and at the same time have that zesty thing to them which just ups your style quotient without hindering with your feminine side.

So which of these 10 Fake Eyelashes For Beginners are you planning to try out?

Have you tried any of these fake eye lashes?

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