10 Fantastic Fish Tattoo Ideas


Fish Tattoo Ideas

I’m a Bengali, and it is needless to say that I love fish. Yeah, I agree that there was a time when I hated them, but my hostel life and hostel food have made me all realize and crave for my homemade fish preparations.

These slimy creatures stand for femininity, fertility, eternity, creativity, luck, happiness, transformation.

Water is said to be an endless mystery, and fishes are the part of this mystery. Fish holds different symbolism in different cultures.

In Chinese mythology, fish becomes equated with “abundance” and also symbolizes unity and fidelity. Fish are mentioned and given symbolic meaning several times in the Gospels. Several of Jesus’ twelve Apostles were fishermen. He commissions them with the words “I will make you fishers of men”. To the Pagans the fish was a feminine symbol of fertility and an attribute of the Goddess. To Babylonians fish was associated with mermaid and Goddess of sea. In Buddhism, the fish symbolizes happiness and freedom, and the Indian mythology treats the fish as a symbol of transformation and creation.

So in this post, I have collected some amazing fish tattoo designs that can be inked on different parts of body in variety of colors as per your choice….

KOI fish Tattoos:

Koi is a Japanese word which means carp fish. It is meant to act as a symbol of good luck and is meant to be in harmony with one and his or her surroundings. The tattoo is associated with positive qualities and is used to signify one’s courage, wisdom, determination, longevity, loyalty and power to achieve his goal despite the odds.


KOI fish Tattoos


Fancy fish tattoos:

These tattoos scream femininity, grace and sensuousness. These tattoos represent wealth, prosperity, fertility and harmony.


Fancy fish tattoos


Shark tattoos:

These superior creatures under water are perceptive, powerful, instinctive, always curious, focused, bearer of unique vision and perpetual motion. The shark tattoos behold all these qualities.


Shark tattoos


Piranha Tattoo:

One of my favourite fishes. You’ll find at least 5-6 different types of piranha sketches on the last pages of my notebooks. Though these fishes are considered threat and are known to attack and kill humans, but they look sooo cute when tattooed.


Piranha Tattoo


Tribal fish tattoos:

The fish tattoos when inked with tribal intricacy, looks more stylish.


Tribal fish tattoos


Cartoon Fish tattoos:

Remember Ariel’s best friend, a bright yellow and golden blue colored tropical reef fish, Flounder..??..And the clownfish Nemo?? They are super duper cute and I would love to get them inked on myself.


Cartoon Fish tattoos


Mermaid tattoos:

I know mermaid shouldn’t be listed under fish tattoos, but its half a fish 😀 . I love this aquatic creature ruling hundreds and thousands of folklore of different cultures worldwide. Remember Ariel??… I just loooooooovve her.


Mermaid tattoos


Fishbone tattoos:

My cats favourite, these looks kinda nice and cool.


Fishbone tattoos


Full back fishbone tattoo :

I’m not brave enough to get a full back tattoo, yet these are beautiful if you are ready to be the dare devil.


Full back fishbone tattoo


Zodiac Fish tattoos:

Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. So all the Pisces beauties, HURRY…!!!!


Zodiac Fish tattoos


Some random:
Some unique randoms…


fish tattoo random design

Which is your favorite fish tattoo design?

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    • Uummmm…I won’t say it doesn’t hurt, just not as much as people think. …and the fear is usually bigger than the pain itself..

    • As I said,the fear of pain associated with getting a tattoo, is bigger than the pain itself…don’t think much, keep urself calm, prepare urself and get inked..


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