10 Fantastic High End Blushes For Fair Skin Tone


10 Fantastic High End Blushes For Fair Skin Tone

Hey girls, How are you all? Recently with so many  blush reviews on Wise She I felt that is quite confusing for girls to opt for a perfect blush as per their skin tone and so I thought of compiling a collection of ten blushes best suited for the fair skin tones. We may later move on to the medium & dusky complexions! 🙂

If you too are fair and looking for some blush suggestions then this list is definitely going to benefit you all in picking up the best blush shade for your skin tone. I have included blushes from brands, No.7, IMAN, Lancome, Tarte, MAC, NARS and MUA which are superior in quality and have a dream formulation which the skin loves!

Here we go!

No7 Natural Blush Tint Powder In Spice

No7 natural blush tint powder in Spice Packaging

It’s a gorgeous and very versatile rose pink blush. A little bit of it is enough to give natural look. The texture is soft and powdery and applying it is easy that gives a smooth finish. It isn’t chalky and gives natural, beautiful and feminine flushed look.

IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder in Peace

IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder in Peace Packaging

It’s a truly gorgeous wine colored blush with gold flecks in it. The micro shimmers don’t shimmer but add to some hue. This shade may suit any skin tone but perfectly goes on fair skin tones. Just a little bit of it can give natural day look as well as evening party look.

No.7 Natural Blush Tint Powder In Coral Flush

No.7 Natural Blush Tint Powder In Coral Flush

It’s a pinky coral blush with micro shimmers. These add to the hue but don’t show up. Applying just a little bit is recommended else it will make you look chalky or powdery. This also looks awesome on fair skin tones giving a natural and feminine look.

No.7 Natural Blush Tint Powder In Cool Pink

No.7 Natural Blush Tint Powder In Cool Pink Packaging

This is a soft bubblegum colored blush that may suit many skin tones but glows a fair skin tones giving a girly and refreshing look. The powdery texture applies smoothly on skin but if applied too much can make you look chalky.

Lancome Blush Subtil Creme in Corail Alize

This is a true coral blush which you can’t say too orange or too pink but a perfect blend of these two. Fine silver shimmers are present in it but gives gorgeous matte look with beautiful dimension. Just a little bit of it and you are ready to go with that natural day look.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Natural Beauty

tarte amazonian clay blush in natural beauty review+ tarte natural beauty blush

It’s a rosy red shade but looks more like strawberry red. This may flatter many skin tones and with the impressive pigmentation it can last long. Very less amount of it is really enough to cover your cheeks. So you should be little cautious while swiping the blush with your brush.

MAC Blush So Sweet So Easy

MAC Blush So Sweet, So Easy

This one is vivid bubblegum pink but looks lighter on skin than in the pot. It enhances natural skin tone very beautifully with its creamy texture. The moisturizing blush is easy to blend giving you semi-matte finish.

NARS Matahari Blush

NARS Mata hari blush dupe+Nars mata hari blushes +nars mata hari reviews

It’s a matte dusty rose blush that suits many skin tones but flaunts fair skin tones. The pigmentation is very impressive and just a swipe can give best looking natural flush.

MUA Blush 2013 Collection in Bubblegum

MUA Blush 2013 Collection Bubblegum Review Texture+waterproof cosmetics

It’s a summer special coral-pink-peach color that is a blend of these three colors looks beautiful in both daylight and night time. The pigmentation is very impressive and blends very smoothly giving perfect matte finish.

MAC Pro Blush in Salsa Rose

MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac+ pink blush

A single swipe with tiny amount of it can give good amount of color to your cheeks. The pigmentation is just impressive. This gives a satin finish and it doesn’t have shimmers in it and so can be easily carried in the day time. The staying power is also quite long.

Have you tried any of these 10 Fantastic High end Blushes For Fair Skin Tone before?

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