10 Fantastic Skin Care Tips One Must Follow


Skin Care Routine

There was a time when I used to write a lot of skin care tips but due to my obsession with makeup, my focus shifted from it. Recently I have  been asked many times what skin care routine I follow and it’s time that I do a post on it. To have a great skin, one must follow a  good skin care regime diligently as per their skin type and keep a few things in mind.



Revlon Photoready flushed fotd cream blush



Also, no one has flawless skin, one has to accept their dark circles, open pores , freckles etc but if you give good maintenance to your skin you will definitely see a change. Regular use of toner will not open up your pores. Good exfoliation will keep your white heads and black heads under control and a good face mask will help even out your skin. Also, a diet rich in Proteins, Vitamin and Calcium is much needed if you want to glow. Without a balanced diet you will never achieve a flawless skin no matter how expensive skin care you follow.

1) For a glowing problem free skin, one must resist the temptation to touch their face every now and then.  By touching your face you can transfer countless bacteria from your hands. Dirt gets trapped which leads to an annoying pimple. Always wash your hands before applying anything on your face. Don’t be lazy in washing your makeup brushes they carry lot of bacteria which get transferred when you use the dirty brush regularly. You can use MAC brush cleaner or follow this simple technique to keep them germ free.

2)Never squeeze  or pop your pimples  – It leads to scars and often permanent ones. If you  have been lucky and didn’t get any till now then count your blessings because you never know when you may get one.

3)Always invest in good skin care products as per your skin type.

  • If you have a normal skin which doesn’t get too dry or oily and have few blemishes then a normal skin moisturiser , cleanser and face mask should be used.
  • For dry skin which gets flaky especially during winters, you need lot of moisturiser and a good hydrating night cream.
  • Oily skin usually deals with large pores and blemishes and needs good exfoliation and light moisturiser. A toner is a must for oily skin to keep the pores under control.
  • Combination skin – This skin experiences little oiliness around the nose, chin and forehead area. Rest of the skin seems pretty normal. For this you need to change moisturiser as per weather condition as the skin tends to get really oily during summers and dry during winters .
  • Sensitive skin – If you have a sensitive skin then you should not experiment a lot in your skin care and purchase product after reading lot of reviews. Always do a test patch before using anything on it .A mild cleanser and moisturiser is required. Avoid harsh abrasive walnut scrubs and never use cheap skin care products.

My Skin Care Regime :-



Must have skin care products for flawless skinMust have skin care products for flawless skin

My skin is on the combination side which gets oily in the summer and monsoon and dry during the winters. If you read my initial post it was really oily but with age its getting normal which makes me happy 

  1. I love Lush products they suit my skin perfectly .I like using Lush herbalism during summer and in monsoon .I like Lush Aqua marina cleanser as well.
  2. In scrubbing I try a lot of products and my recent favorite is GIOVANNI D:tox System Purifying Exfoliant Body Scrub. I scrub thrice a week. I know some of you might find it too much but it works for me  and I don’t suffer from blackheads and white head problem any more.
  3. I use Avene Thermal Spring Water  as toner and have been using it since an year. I am just obsessed with it. It keeps my pores under control, soothes my skin in summer and is preservative free. After getting this toner I have never thought of changing my toner till date. It’s just fab but yes a little expensive.
  4. I must confess that I am lazy in using face masks but whenever I get the time I like Forest Essential Tejaswani ubtan, lush face masks and Seikisho Mask White By Kose .
  5. In moisturiser nothing beats the clinique moisturising lotion.

It’s not that only expensive products are best in skin care.Even home remedies works such as gramflour as cleanser, aloevera as moisturiser, green tea toner works amazingly if its suits your skin .All you need is dedication.


There is a lot more to write in skin care but post will get too long  and I am not fond of reading or writing long posts. I will write more about it in the next post.

Till then don’t forget to tell me some good skin care products which are decently priced and worked amazingly on you.



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  1. Nice post ! I also have combination skin,Fab india product really works for me,specially tea tree face wash and toner,they are decently priced..

  2. I have read your earlier posts on skincare Ana, and tried a few too 🙂
    My skin has always been oily and I always have a pimple or two AND blackheads And whiteheads… yes open pores too :p
    Recently my pimples have been in control and oiliness too is reduced.
    I’ve been using Artistry cleanser, toner, scrub, sirum, under eye cream since a year, and its making my skin so good that people actually complement me.. you must be used to it, but its a big deal for me hehe 😀
    Artistry moisturisers din’t suit me, I’m looking for good trusted product. Once I get the CTM combination right, I won’t change it. You know it’s been a lifetime task to bring my skin to behave :))

    • I am waiting to get over with my current skin care product and then i will definitely switch to Amway..Can’t wait.

  3. That’s such lovely, healthy, radiant pic 🙂
    What’s on your eyes?
    I know it must be another simple trick for you, but pls make a post on these few simple tricks.

  4. A post worth bookmarking A..the only point that works ulta for me is the bursting pimples part…for me if I don’t burst them they leave a scar.. 😉

  5. Lovely lovely post ana!

    Even I scrub thrice a week .

    Please suggest a nice cleanser na , I’m keeping on getting duds which are drying out my skin 🙁 not very expensive though.

  6. Heyy Ana!
    I had to comment after such a gap bcoz your skin looks fantastic 🙂 whats the lip colour youre wearing?
    Congratulations to you for Anvikas first bday and for Zee’s little bundle!

    Skin products my sensitive oily skin is loving are Spongysal facewash, clearz ultra moisturizer and Acnes toner. now that monsoon is finally arriving here, I might have to change the facewash 🙂

  7. nice post anna, even i am having combinatiton skin, iam using cetaphil moisturizer, that works great, DIY mask i use once a week is corn flour+ water, that works great, it wont dry skin, but removes black heads, white heads, and improves skin tone, i use lush herbalism, tea tree toner and face wash.

  8. oh bookmarked the page, as i hav oily combi skin, plz suggest a toner for me na..
    And in this pic u looking smoking hot Ana


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