10 Fantastic Up-Dos for Medium Hair


10 up-dos for medium hair

Hair up-dos had always been on the peak of popularity and their popularity has in fact transcended the bounds of historical time frames which is the reason why, every era whether of the past, or of the modern times has certain hair up-do styles of its own.

If you are interested in hair up-do styles and wish to research on the subject you’ll literally be astounded to find that there were hair up-do styles for almost every length of hair whether long, medium or short even in the past eras. Hair up-dos can give you a vintage look, can make you look really classy sophisticated, even utterly trendy and funky.

Actually it all depends on the skill and creativity of your hairstylist who would give you the perfect hair up-do style in accordance with the shape of your face. Hair up-dos can make your hair manageable, keep your hair well-maintained and give you a neat elegant look.

If you have medium-length hair, then you are blessed enough because you can really play around with some highly versatile hair up-do styles. For medium length hair, the hair up-do styles are many ranging from simple to intricate and there are up-do styles for almost every grand occasion such as Home Coming, Prom Night, Hens Party, Date night, Wedding, Anniversary, New Year’s Party etc. Here I’ll list for you all some really stunning hair up-dos for medium hair:

A Stunning twisted up-do:

This up-do hairstyle for mid-length hair looks too cute and the styling finishes within just 5 minutes. All you need to do is stylistically twist your hair and fix it with some bobby pins just above your neck line. For getting this hairstyle, you need not take the help of a stylist even


twisted up-do hairstyle

The beautiful French twist up-do:

This is really an elegant hairstyle rather an elegant and creatively modern twist to the French roll for which you would need the teasing French roll comb plus some bobby pins. This hair up-do can make you hairstyle a perfect admixture of classic and chic hair style trends.


French twist hair up-do

The looped bun up-do for mid-length style:

Making loop bun is very easy. To get the perfect look, pre-ironing might be needed and then all you need to do is use your hands to artfully fold and wrap your hair’s entire length in such a way that a perfect loop is formed. Once that’s done use bobby pins for securing the bun.


looped bun up-do

A creative up-do with two ponytails:

This is a fabulous mid-length hair up-do style that makes your hair look thick, voluminous. The hairstyle is actually a creative blend of two ponytails one ponytail set artistically atop another and fixed with bobby pins to give the up-do a fluffy floral look.


up-do with two ponytails


A soft very popular braided up-do:

This up-do style lends softness to your looks and is one of the subtlest mid-length hair up-do hairstyle. The hang of braided up-do is positioned just along your neck line and is ideal for a fun garden-party or casual evening hang out.


soft braided up-do

Twisted bun up-do hairstyle:

A twisted bun can give you a real updated look. It’s really a chic version of the classic bun and you’ll definitely look awesome by wearing your hair up in this particular style.


Twisted bun up-do


Simple Coiled braid Up-do:

This up-do with coiled braids looks really fabulous, sits just above your neck line and the styling finishes off in as fast as 5 minutes. This mid-length up-do style too imparts softness to your overall looks.


Coiled braid Up-do

Pig-tail up-do:

This is a perfect kid-like hairstyle but many adults too look cute rather flirty in it. It’s simple and easy to go for the Pig-tail up do style and if you are planning for a weekend picnic or a stroll to the nearby park, this hairstyle is simply perfect to add a make-over to your look


Pig-tail up-do


The common fabulous get the bangs off-my-neck mid-length hair up-do:

This is one mid-length hair-up-do which you can sport with almost any kind of outfit and for any occasion and its damn easy to style up your hair in this way


mid-length hair-up-do

Imperfect Cute Ballerina top knot:

This cute ballerina top knot with many wispy tendrils and bangs shooting out gives it a messy look which is but very cute in itself. This hair up-do styling too is fast and easy.


Cute Ballerina top knot


So these are the top 10 up-dos for medium hair that would certainly make many heads turn.

Which is your favorite hair up-do?

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