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By Zara,

Hi All,

Like most gals, I have a never ending love for footwear. For the last 4-5 years or so, I’ve been obsessed with heels, platforms, wedges…basically anything that could give me that boost in height! πŸ˜‰

But for some odd reason since the last 2 months or so, I’ve begun to have cravings for flats..yeps..craving..Whenever I see a nice pair of flats I simple have to have them! Hehe!

So last weekend I happened to roam around a lot and some really cute sandals and chappals happened to catch my eye. As always, Hubby was happy to oblige and I managed to shop and buy 6 pairs of footwear! Here they are:

All except for the black peep-toes are flats or with a tiny heel.

Fashion Shoes+Shoes India

Aren’t they gorgeous?? Hehe..Now, for the details:


Fashion Shoes For Women

I bought these 3 pairs from E-square Multiplex on Ganeshkhind Road for just Rs. 200/- each. Nice na? I just stepped into the shop and the sales person was like, ‘Ma’am anything for 200 bucks.’ And that was it..I hunted the entire store (tiny as it was, but still..) with my hubby who helped me shortlist and finally got these 3 pairs.

The green one has a nice Metal buckle sort of accessory attached and it has a tiny heel. The black one had tiny silver beads on the front and this one is totally flat. I loved the design on this. The last one has a simple turquoise and gold striped band in the front  and has a small round heel.

All three seem pretty sturdy and seem comfortable to wear. I have worn the green ones already so I can definitely vouch for that πŸ™‚

Have any of you seen this sale at E-square? I’ve been seeing this for the last 1 month. They have a huge variety of footwear: heels, ballerinas, peep-toes, pointy-toes, etc. So if you haven’t gone there yet, do go and get yourselves some cute footwear.


Top designer shoes

This pair I actually got from an online site called They were having an offer Buy 3 sandals for INR 599. Since I’d never shopped at this site before, I was a bit skeptical. But out of sheer curiosity, me and another 2 friends got together and ordered 3 sandals which each of us liked. So, I picked these chilly red chappals (tiny U-shaped heel) for effectively INR 200 again. I didn’t have this color and wanted to buy one for a long time. Yey!!


By the way, to tell you something about this site, I found to be a really nice shopping site. They have some awesome footwear, bags, gorgeous jewellery and accessories and clothes. Although I didn’t really like any of the clothing and think they should stock up some more good stuff, the footwear and jewellery are really worth it. And the best part is that they always have some combo offers like buy a t-shirt+ skirt/trousers +a purse +footwear for just 1299 bucks. So, in essence, we would be creating an entire outfit for the day/ look for just 1300 bucks. Cool, right?

There are many offers like these and furthermore, their delivery is very prompt. They assure the dispatch of the items within 48hours and it really happens. We got our footwear within 3 working days of ordering. Suffice to say, I was impressed. πŸ™‚


Fashion Casual Shoes


I found both of these at a local shop on FC Road. I don’t recall the shop name or even if the shop really had a name (LOL), but for those who are interested, this accessory and footwear shop is between Sagar Arcade and Archies Gallery, right next to an old cutlery shop.

The first pair are open jooti’s which have become quite sought after here in Pune. They had a more expensive variety too in real leather, but I found them too hard and just trying them out hurt my feet like crazy. I rejected them although I loved the design. So the shopkeeper showed me these. These are faux leather and are really soft. The real leather ones were being sold for 750 bucks (after bargaining one can definitely bring it down to 500) and the faux leather ones were for 475 bucks. But ofcourse I bargained and got these for 300 bucks. I loved the color combo and the button design on the front.

I also got a pair of peep toes in black. These have kitten heels and are super comfy to wear. I’m usually never comfortable in peep toes since they squish my toes badly, but these don’t. It has a lot of toe-room and the black & white satin rose on the top gives it that classy look. Got this for 400 bucks and the original price claimed was 675 rupees. Again, an awesome deal.

All in all, I had an amazing weekend. I don’t really know what made me happier; the shopping or the bargaining! But then most us gals have that skill inborn don’t we?

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  1. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Zara that was last weekend haul what about this weekend ??? am waiting hahah
    and loved the blue ones and Red … and ofcourse all of them are super cool and perfect for summers :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    • Thanx Rash!! Which one did u like?

      Hehe…yea..this weekend’s agenda u know..m planning to go Bourjois hunting.. :beauty: :beauty: Hope i manage to go and get wot i hav in mind.. πŸ™‚

        • Haha! I will pakka check out everythin (how can i not???) M gona try to restrict myself…but god knows how thats gona shape up! :chic: :chic: :chic:

          Haan, Rashmi got Dabba!!Do a post on dabba’s na? :inlove: I luv having funky dabba’s. Maybe i’ll go et some dabba’safter Bourjois shopping πŸ˜‰ wot say? ?:-)

  2. hi, all cute footwear…. i also used to shop footwear at FC road when i was in pune … great point for shop anything :laugh: :laugh: .

  3. Wow Zara, even I love shopping at FC road, I will also hunt for new pairs of shoes at e-square now. These days even I am obsessed with collecting different types of footwear πŸ™‚ Good to find one more person from Pune πŸ™‚

      • This was the best birthday I ever celebrated! Hubby had made so many prior arrangements n surprises , I cut cake in jungle πŸ˜€
        N trip was awesome, I just loved wild life so much, it is so nice to see animals n birds closely n understand their life cycle, had literally an hangover of jungle!


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