10 Food Tips That Can Cool You Down This Summer

One can have a pleasant and enjoyable summer by just watching what you eat and what you put in your glass

Lets check out how

1. Well you must have read or heard this zillion times but yes water is THE thing to keep you cool. Our body loses quite a lot of water in summer through perspiration. So drink as much water as you can.
2. Eating fruits that are high in water content such as grapes, apples, bananas, watermelon s are most effective .Even citrus fruits like oranges cool you down. If you don’t like to eat them then take them as a salad or mix them with other ingredients and make a smoothie.
3. Green, blue and purple food is more cooling then those which are red, orange and yellow. So when you are making salad add green apple instead of red and green capsicum instead of yellow.
4. Try to eat food which is fresh and raw. You can opt for steaming or blanching vegetables .Steaming raises less body heat when compared to frying.
5. There are many Indian herbs which cools us down such as dhaniya (coriander powder) and white pepper.
6. Well if you think ice-creams and cold drinks can cool you down then you are sadly mistaken. These things only slow down the digestion process. Replace these things with green tea or fruit juices.
7. Yogurt-Taste great, can be taken in en number of forms and keeps you cool too.
8. Coffee and tea terribly warm you up. You can replace them with iced lattes.
9. Baked and fried products increase body heat and dehydrate you too. So eat them in moderate quantity.
10. Non vegetarian should opt for fresh fish over meat in summers.

Do you have tips to share to cool you down this summer?





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