10 Foods For Healthy Skin & Hair


10 Foods For Healthy Skin & Hair

By now we are all condescended with loving ourselves and being healthy whether it’s our skin or our hair. You being a patron of our blog is itself a proof of the same, isn’t it?

Through our blog an d posts, we keep on sharing the best ways to do the same and today I am bringing to you the best 10 food items that could keep your hair and skin healthy at all times. If you bring these things to your daily routine, you are sure to attain a healthy body which would be envy to others.

Amla or Gooseberry


It is an ancient fruit which has always proved its metal time and again. Laced with Vitamin A, it is good for your overall body. It is a part of every Ayurvedic medicine, shampoo or soap you could think of, and is also very much a part of skin products. The best way to have it is to have it directly during early morning.


uses of lemon

Lemon is very essential for the skin as well as your hair. It is also good for the overall digestive system of the body. If you have lemon juice daily, the vitamin C content of it makes your skin and hair very smooth and shiny. It is for sure a must have daily.


watermelon skin care facepack

Melons are naturally rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which helps the immune system, are naturally good with skin and impart a healthy shine to the hair. Include a lot of melons in your diet. This could be musk melons, mash melons or normal water melons as well.

Green and Leafy Vegetables

Importance of eating spinach

Yes! Green vegetables, that our parents have lectured all their parenthood about, are a good source of iron, Vitamins, Minerals and proteins. These not only help in giving us the dose of Vitamin A and C, they also are a good source of energy which keeps us going strong.


pistachio skin care

Nuts are naturally good for skin and hair. The oil content makes it a necessity for skin and hair to grow healthy. The nutrients of nuts are scientifically proven to lend zinc, Vitamin E and Omega 3 fats to our skin and hair which are much desirable.


Home made scalp treatment from beet root+home made recipe

Essentially good for the skin, beetroot is very much a shot of antioxidants that give a glow to your skin and make you get rid of many problems like Sugar, Constipation and Anemia that impact hair growth as well. One must eat a lot of Beetroot as salad or otherwise to help your skin glow and your hair grow.


carrot benefits

Being a natural source of Vitamin A and C, carrot makes a good source of health for skin and hair both. Carrots give shine and glow to the skin making it capable of fighting the blemishes and pimples. It also helps combat hair loss and lends thickness to the hair. Regular intake of carrot is very much advised. It is also good for the eyes and other parts of body which makes it vital in our daily food intake.


tomato for under eyes

Tomatoes are natural source of Vitamin C and E which help you fight quite a few skin problems like acne and are also having anti-ageing capabilities. For your hair, they contribute through being a natural source of healthy metabolism.



Rich in protein, eggs are very much resourceful to help you achieve a shiny glowing skin. They are also capable of preventing Keratin development on your skin, making it a source of hair care as well.


face pack blue berry

Another fruit of thought! Blueberries are also naturally rich in Vitamin C which makes them good for the hair as well as the skin. With their water content, which is 85%, they make your skin and hair look flawless. 

Do include these food items in your daily routine and see the difference!

Have you tried these foods for healthy skin?

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