10 Foundation Tips You Must Follow



10 Foundation Tips You Must Follow

Your makeup depends a lot on how you prepare your base. A perfect base is when people are able to see how beautiful your skin is, rather than your ghastly makeup. And the key to flawless beautiful skin depends a lot on a perfectly matched foundation shade depending on your skin type and how you blend it.


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So today, we’ll be sharing 10 foundations tips with you all. Enjoy 🙂

Know your perfect shade

People forget that Foundations are NOT DESTINED to change your actual skin tone and make you look fairer. The main reason is to get a smooth and even finish to your skin.

The patch test

When we test lipstick in the store, we often swatch it on the back of our hand. But most of the time, the color of our hand is different from the color of our face. So when we come back home and apply it on face, it may not look perfect and as flattering.

Test foundation on your jaw-line and check it in the daylight. Since the jaw-line lies between your face and neck, the two places where the foundation need to match, it’s the safest option. If the shades of your face & neck are slightly different, try to find a foundation shade that’s in between. The color is correct if it disappears effortlessly. Never trust the store lightings or any other artificial lighting. Check it in natural light.


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Also, fingertips and palm as well, are very similar to our face in color and if you test the foundation on your fingertips or palm, you’ll get an idea on how it’ll look on your face.

Know your skin type and skin tone

Another essential point. Know what skin type you have, like oily or dry or normal and choose your foundation accordingly. The right formula gives you better results. Skin tone also plays an important role here. If you are cool toned, go for foundations which have pink undertones, and if you are warm go for foundations which have yellow undertones.


How to Choose the Perfect Foundation Shade for Your Skin



Always apply your foundation with first downward and then outward strokes or just pat it. These minimize the impact of facial hairs.

Application II

Don’t go thick in the first application. Apply a thin layer first and blend well. Then apply the second touch of foundation only at places where you feel the need of a heavier coverage.


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Heavy coverage

If you think your foundation has too heavy of a coverage, dilute it with astringent/toner instead of creams/lotions. It will give you a sheerer coverage which looks more natural.

Base for the base

Yes, you need a base for your base makeup as well. Moisturize appropriately, for the oily-combination skinned ladies, go for a lotion or products meant for you specifically. Massage it into my skin and when the moisturizer seems to have soaked in, go ahead with your SPF/sunscreen. Let this set in for a while and then apply foundation. If your foundation contains SPF, you can skip the sunscreen.





Work with a damp brush to give the foundation a more natural finish.

Don’t forget your lips

Don’t ignore your lips when applying foundation. It makes your nude lipsticks even more attractive and also makes colorful lipstick or glosses pop.

Avoid cakey makeup

“Cake face,” is where one slathers on too much foundation and concealer, the result being a pancake, mask-like makeup. The key to avoid cakey makeup is proper moisturisation and proper blending. Choose dewy finish than matte finishes. If your skin is oily, blot it first and then apply a setting powder. All these can help you avoid patchy or cakey skin.

Follow these tips for a flawless base.

Hope these were helpful. Also let us know about your trips and tricks of wearing foundation.

Do you have more tips to share about foundation makeup?

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  1. I apply my TV stick Kryolan with a damp sponge and my Borjous liquid foundation with a brush. I guess the formula also matters when it comes to the tool you use. Good article Madhu !


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