10 French Bun Hairstyles We Absolutely Love


10 French Bun Hairstyles We Absolutely Love

French Bun or French Twist is a popular hairstyle all over the world. It is quick way to put your hair up. You can style a French bun in many ways. Adorning the french bun with blingy accessories is not the only way to make it look more interesting. You can be creative and experiment.

Here are some amazing French Bun Hairstyles We Absolutely Love-

The Basic French Twist

 french twist hairstyles (1)This is the classic style of French twist. It looks perfect on special occasions. It might look tough to create this but actually it can be made quickly with just a few twists. Once you master this basic style, you can move on to variations.

Messy French Bun

 french bun hairstyles idea

This is cute and can be worn anywhere. You can wear a messy french twist to college, to outings or on a beach. If you are not perfect at making French buns then this is a good excuse.

French Bun with A Poof

french twist hair

Big hair is a trend that refuse to die. This super high French twist will make you look taller and quite elegant. Make sure to keep it slick or your hairstyle may turn into a football.

Double French Twist

french bun hairstyles (2)

Instead of making just one twist, create two on either side of head and make them meet them in the centre. You can make it little messy or keep it polished.

French Twist On a side

french twist hairstyle

Take your French bun to the side of head to give a new look to your French twist. You can keep it simple or add some hair accessories.

French Bun On Crown

french twist hairstyle ideas

This French bun does not cover only the back of head but also moves up to the crown. The hair is pulled quite tight here so adding a poof on top will keep the look interesting. Don’t miss the minimal accessories.

Half French Bun

beautiful french twist hairstyles

Make a small French bun near the crown hair leaving some hair open at the back. It will bring a twist to the simple half and half hairdo.

Alternating French Bun

beautiful french bun hairstyles

Isn’t it just amazing? Alternating sections of hair twisted in a French bun are something that may not be easy to do by yourself but it definitely is a lovely look.

Low French Bun

best french twist hairstyles

Bring your French twist down to the nape of your neck to get this look. A french bun may be a classic but innovations keep it interesting.

Rose French Bun

best french bun hairstyles

Make a simple French twist leaving front section of hair. Then twist and roll the section and secure with bobby pins near the bun. This way you do not need any extra hair accessories to beautify your bun.

Did you like these French Bun Hairstyles?

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