10 Funky Jewelry Trends You Must Try


10 Funky Jewelry Trends You Must Try

Hi Everyone!

What is your take on the funky jewelry trend these days? I am always a fan of such jewels as they save the day for you quite a few times specially if you are not a fan of wearing your gold and diamonds all the time. At least that goes for me since I get bored of the formal jewelry like gold chains and diamond rings. I have a fetish for these jewelry trends and I love to collect them and wear them on some days.

I am sharing with you 10 such trends today that are really in these days with people going crazy over them. Hope you like them too.

  1. Ankle Chains

body chain styling

You will have to agree with me that these look really awesome. These days the trend is really picking up. You see a variety of chains some heavy some light being worn by people around. These go well with Indian, western and Indo-Western trends with near ankle or above ankle length bottoms.

  1. Tribal jewels

These are also quite a rage these days. You can actually see a lot of people wearing them on day to day basis. This is more popular with college goers as the professional circuit would not accommodate these but the trend is quite on fire right now.

  1. Stones and pearls

hand wristlete

These are a hot combination being used these days for both ear and neck pieces. People are seen wearing these and it is actually great to look sophisticated where you would want to avoid your usual gems.

  1. Large Sized jewels

funky skull earing

These are sure attention getters. You can try a large pair of ear rings, or a ring or neck piece like it used to be in the ancient times. These are all quite good and you can expect huge number of inquiries and appreciations for sure.

  1. Elongated Glasses

big eye gears

You must have seen these. Large sized sunglasses or eye glasses are getting too common. People sport them to look funky these days and these are actually quite eye-catching. Try these!

  1. Collection of Rings

funky rings

You should see this for sure. This is even beyond Bappi Lahiri. You would find a collection of rings of different yet compatible sizes worn together on fingers creating a stunning plethora.

  • Large Sized Pendants

funky pendant jewelry

These are again something to look forward to. I am sure if you are a junky jewelry fan, you would love to go for these. I have seen pendants to the size of a fish! Looks stylish, no doubt about that!

  1. Chokers is all you want

black choker

Chokers are back in town! Yes! You can actually see people sporting them already. Different styles and sizes are ready to enchant you with their beauty.

  1. Flora fauna style is in

black lace jwelery with notch

I am sure you have seen it and wondered about it already. People are carrying fruits and plants into their jewelry. Headbands, earrings, even rings are all in place making it a style for the season.

  1. Colorful facial jewels

body piercing jewelry

Last but not the least, you should check out the latest trends on facial jewels which can make you feel good about yourself. These are used in the western countries to the extent of covering the entire face, with gems and studs making you appear totally funky! You could try pellets of colored nose rings, ear rings and eyebrow decorators for sure.

I hope you liked these trends in funky jewelry.


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