10 Gorgeous Accessories To Wear to College


10 Gorgeous Accessories To Wear to College

Hello my fashionistas!

How is the new college session turning out for you all? Ok, apologies to those who are not in college as of yet, or have passed out! But please, this post is not just for my college going babes! It is for each one of you who have that spark to look  up to date and don’t mind getting ready in a back-to-college kind of way!

Nonetheless, being a pass out of Delhi university, the fashion mecca of the state I am quite clear about what I want you peeps to know! So are you ready to explore the trendiest accessories you can sport to college?

1. Cute Cycle-Inspired Vintage Ring

Cute cycle-inspired vintage ring

If I say that I haven’t seen a ring as cute as this; I would not be exaggerating! The brass material of the ring gives it such a gorgeous vintage kind-of look. Plus, just look at how adorable the cycle looks on it! Its adorable and care-free kind of vibrancy makes it perfect to be work to college!

2. Brass Grecian-leaf Headpiece

gold head band

Hair bands are in total rage these days, and what better time to wear it if not to college. The delicately patterned leaf design as intricate it may look, can easily manage even your third day hair! Go for a messy bun, open waves, or a sleek ponytail the addition of this classy, glam piece will definitely revolutionize the look completely!

3. Chic Crown Shape Ear Cuff

chic crown shape ear cuff

There is no denying that wearing ear cuffs is a trend worth trying because the world of ear cuffs have something even for the most faint of hearts. Agreed, college is not the place to wear exaggerated ear cuffs and this is where this dainty, cute crown inspired ear cuff comes in place. Fulfill your ear cuff desires even in college while wearing this cute piece! 🙂

4. Cute Bow And Pearl Anklet

cute bow and pearl anklet

In days of summers and springs, all college goers want to wear is skimpy yet comfortable shorts of course they are breezy and very easy to dress up or down! But yes, sometimes a plain pair of shorts can look too drab; try and add this chic and dainty bow-and-pearl anklet on one of your delicate feet and love the entire look it gives out!

5. A Funky Glitterati Watch

funky glitterati watch

I agree, being late for an important lecture is never fun! And to be on time, you need a watch on your wrists! And to be truthful, I could not find a better watch to wear to college than this funky glitterati inspired wrist watch which has such a chic kate-spade touch to it! Class at its best! 😉

6. Sunglasses Lots of Them

fasttrack women sunglasses+Fast track sunglasses

Ok, so sunglasses were primarily meant to wade off the sun but we at college and universities want to wear glasses even when the sun is not blazing overhead! Yes, it looks real cool! No college outfit is complete without the addition of some spunky or outright oversized and vintage sunglasses! Choose your pick!

7. A Chic Eiffel Tower Pendant Chain

The Eiffel Tower Pendant Long chain pendant

Ok, this is one of my the favorite accessories to wear to college; and you may have read me mention this before too! Straight out of my personal collection, this little Eiffel tower mannequin inspired long chain pendant is to die for! Dress it up with a casual tee, some skinny pants, your favorite sneakers and a pair of oversized glasses there would be no one who could beat you at your fashion game!

8. Fancy Printed Scarves

Hermes Scarf Fabric+hermes price

Accessories not only comprise of your bracelets, ring and earrings! A classy stole or funky printed scarf can up your glam quotient so much without you having to do almost anything. Chose lighter fabrics in cute prints and learn to drape it around in so many different ways! Yep, there are loads of tutorials on that!

9. A Stunning Gem Inspired Statement Neck Piece

Hot pink gem style casual-chic neckpiece

Again, one of my cult favorites! I would recommend dressing up such vibrant accessories for special college occasions like your fresher’s party or the most awaited college fests! This one is a no brainer when it comes to fashion games!

10. Dainty Bracelets

Forever21 bracelets

Chic bracelets are all over the place right now! And we college goers are raging over this overtly cute trend and why should we not? Gone are the days of chunky, sweat-enhancing bracelets which would make your hands feel cuffed! Now is the time to adorn your dainty wrists with more dainty bracelets!

Which of these 10 gorgeous accessories for college girls do you love the most?

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  1. when I was in college, I just took goggles + a watch with me! rings and bracelets were allowed but I didn’t feel like wearing them! 😉

    we had to wear uniform and nothing more was allowed! 🙁

    • OH GOD! uniforms in college too?
      I to cannot think of it!
      Although i was not much into making myself look good during my initial years of graduation! but the journey from BA third year to my masters has really changed my perspective of an appealing personality.
      i do not believe in loading on accessories myself–but my oversized glasses, my favourite guess watch, and a pair of cute earrings is what i always have–plus, a ring which is very dear (almost inseparable) to me!
      the neck peices and bracelets are a thing of rare occasion–i like keeping accessories for some special occasions!

      • Yes Ishleen during my graduation years I was studying in a university and usual clothes were allowed but during my MBA i had to wear uniform! 🙁 too bad!

        I am not so fond of these accessories but I love different watches and sunglasses for sure! 🙂


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