10 Gorgeous Married Actresses With Kids


10 Gorgeous Married Actresses With Kids

It really fascinates people to see so many stunning actresses turning into equally gorgeous mothers as if they had no after effects of pregnancy and they have never looked their best as they looked after marriage and kids. Usually many women have the notion that pregnancy tends to affect the body and mind in ways that it is really not possible to look like before pregnancy. Well, all of these beautiful ladies from Bollywood seem to have just given a thumbs down to that notion and waved back after having  kids and a happy married life as never before.

Here is a list of those beautiful actresses who managed to give time to marriage and later on had kids along with enjoying each and every moment of their journey are back in action and they look like anything less than fantabulous!!

Madhuri Dixit-

Madhuri Dixit kept a very low profile after her marriage and like a normal woman went on to have two kids. She easily managed to shed the extra kilos without much efforts and has been active in the Bollywood circuit with the same million dollar smile and gorgeous persona. We hardly believe she is a mother of two big boys.

hair care secret of madhuri dixit

Sri Devi-

Sri Devi is a proud mother of two grown up girls but still can give complex to young girls of today’s generation. It seems age and weight have never come in her way of look beautiful. Happily married and an experienced mother she is an active face in all the major Bollywood gatherings of Film Industry.

sridevi skin lightening

Juhi Chawla-

Another stunning actress of her time Juhi Chawla is still active in movies and it seems that marriage and motherhood have  not affected her cute bubbly smile and chirpy attitude all this while.

juhi chawla


She ruled hearts with her great acting skills and now is back in the social circuit after having two cute kids. Happily married and a doting mother she has transformed herself completely and looks her best nowadays. We surely can’t get enough of her onscreen or off screen.

makeup kajol

Raveena Tandon-

She is another actress who left her criticizers dropping their jaws after having a successful married life and motherhood experience. Although she devotes most of her time for social activities rather than films but she has re-invented her style and fashion sense like never before and that is pretty evident in her appearances at party circuits.

raveena tandon

Aishwarya Rai

From Flat to flab and back again with the perfect Indian figure. This is Aishwarya Rai we are talking about and all the criticism about her weight and flab went down the drain this year when she managed to shock the spectators when she walked the Cannes Red Carpet. She never looked this pretty and was much appreciated for handling her motherhood so well and giving time to her toddler baby girl. She surely makes a gorgeous married actress with a kid!

aishwarya rai red lipstick

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty seems to have been experiencing reverse effects and her marriage and motherhood hardly changed anything. She quickly shed off the post natal weight and was back again doing an item song in her home production which had us really jealous over how did she manage to get rid of the slightest weight she had put on!

hottest mom+shilpa shetty post pregnancy

Twinkle Khanna

Mother of two, Twinkle Khanna is among those celebrities who have left the showbiz world to pursue their dream career and also have a happy and rewarding life of a normal woman. She is a successful interior designer and manages home & kids and has managed to be in great shape even after the recent motherhood experience.

10 Bollywood Couples with age difference+Akshay Kumar-Twinkle Khanna

Malaika Arora-

It is hardly believable truth but Malaika is a mother of two cute boys, one of them is quite big enough to have friends who are just awestruck by Malaika’s sensuous image. She definitely not seems to have been affected by the pregnancy effects & hormones at all and is still as young and gorgeous as she was before marriage & kids.

malaika arora khan beauty secrets

Lara Dutta-

The former Miss Universe has ever remained to be beautiful & gorgeous even after marriage and a baby. She quickly got rid of the excess baggage she had put on during her pregnancy and is active at social events and brand endorsements. She is happily married and is enjoying every single day of motherhood.

Lara Dutta

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