10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair



10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair

Hey gorgeous girls,

How are you all? It is Valentine’s day …… However love can be around throughout but I personally feel that love flows completely into air, every girl smiling a rose in hand and a dream date in her eyes. And the boys, they stay a bit stressed wondering about the ideas to impress their girls.

I totally love this month of love and specifically the week of love. But girls why should boys have all the stress, you too should plan things out to make your boy happy or work on your looks to make the day special for you and him.

How about getting a haircut and have a new transformed look? A new hair cut can change your look drastically and make you feel like a complete new person. We already have few hairstyles for short hair; you can check them out here.

Today I shall share with you all some fabulous haircuts for long hair. Have a look.

Front Layers


10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair - Front Layer

Front layers are ideal for straight texture; it is extra flattering for people with fine hair. This hair cut gives weight so the layers do not look wimpy. We see how the front layers cut looks fabulous on Allison Williams. You can start your layers at your cheekbones if you have an oval or heart-shaped face and can start a little above your cheekbones if you have got a square jaw line just like Allison Williams has.

Sleek Razor-Cut Hair


10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair - Sleek Razor-Cut Hair

Again we have a hit haircut for girls with straight and smooth hair. Sleek Razor hair cut features a clean, soft cutting line graduating from chin length towards the mid back of its longest point. The ends of the hair are softened with a razor-cut texture.

Long Hair With Bangs


10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair - Long Hair With Bangs

Taylor Swift looks cute with almost all hair dos. She here is seen with long hair and bangs. Create a triangle shape to align with the outer corners of the eyes and get the ends snipped up so that they are not too blunt. Adding a few light graduated layers in the front will give this hairstyle a more flattering look.

Princess Look


10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair- Princess Look


For the romantic you, try this super cute princess hair nut. If you have curls hair then this hair cut will suit you to the most.

Long Hair With Tight Curls


10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair - Long Hair With Tight Curls

For this Beyoncé like wild curly hair texture you need nicely blended round layers all around the head to give some weight without making it look heavy. This will suit to all face types, the idea here is to keep the layers on the longer side. Always ensure that you get a dry hair cut because wet hair cut for curly hair may give a complete different look.

Same Length Cut


10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair - Super Long Hair

This is one of the most common and popular hairstyle for long hair. This hairstyle involves few face framing layers while the rest of the hair length is maintained at the same level. This hairstyle is not for fine hair because in that case it may look too limp or feathered near the ends.

Asymmetric Fringe


10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair - Assymetric Fringe

This is a sophisticated but youthful long hair cut to suit all occasions. The asymmetric fringe here is softened along the edges by the skillful use of a razor sharp cut.

Wispy Long Hairstyle


10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair - Wispy Long Hairstyle

This is a super hot hair cut for long hair. I do not have much detail to share about this haircut, but keeping this haircut away from your sight but have been a matter of little loss for all of us.

Long Angled Haircut


10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair - Long Angled Haircut

This long fluffy angled haircut that takes to the era of 70s but the chic quotient of this hair cut still remains the same. This will go well with both heavy and fine hair.

Long Tapered Layers


10 Hairstyle Cuts For Long Hair - Long Tapered Layers

I have saved the bets for the last. This hairstyle is definitely deserves to be my favorite with its sensual curves, the long silky layers and luscious volume from root to the tips. Parted on the side a beautiful asymmetry creates a frame for the face with long tapered layers.

These were some gorgeous haircut styles for long hair that you must definitely checkout.

Which among these is your favorite hair style?

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  1. Loved all the hairstyles Ritz.. I also went for a haircut but it was not intentional..am glad hubby liked it a lot and didn’t faint upon seeing me! 😉 :-p


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