10 Hairstyles For Women In Rush



10 Hairstyles For Women In Rush

I often end up being late whenever I start getting ready. No, I don’t sit and apply makeup for hours or change dresses a hundred times to see which suits me and which doesn’t, but somehow I get late every time. At such time, what really pisses me off is my hair. Brushing them, taming the frizzes, thinking what hairstyle to choose, the process delays the already delayed me.

Thus today, I’ll be sharing 10 pretty hairstyles that you can do when in rush. I hope it will help the girls like me.

Sleek Pony




Nothing is simpler than this. A sleek pony is your savior in time of hurry.

Brush your hair starting from tips to the roots. Take a band and twist and tie your hair in a ponytail. Brush through the ponytail to make sure there are no tangles.

A simple clean bun


quick hair style


Take a wide comb and brush your hair starting from tips to the roots. Take a band and twist and tie your hair in a ponytail. Brush through the ponytail to make sure there are no tangles. Now twist the ponytail. Turn into a bun and secure the bun to the base with pins. Finish off with a quick hair spray.

Messy bun


Messy bun quick hairdo


Want to get you on with the boho-chic trend? Then go for the messy buns instead of neat ones. Run your fingers through your hair. Make a messy front poof and secure with pins. Tie the rest of your hair in a messy bun and pin it.

Side braid


side braid style while in hurry


Brush and comb your hair out. Put your hair in a deep side part. I prefer doing the side parting using my fingers instead of combs and brushes, it gives me a messy, sassy look. Take your hair to the side and start doing braids all the way down. Secure it with a tie. Fan out the braid by pressing it with fingers. And viola..!! You are done. You can do front poof side braids too. Braids look super-chic. And if you can make it the fishtail way and add some mess, you will look even prettier.

Front poof pony


pony with puff hairdo


This has become our national hairstyle. Front poof finished with pony tail. It can be sleek one or a messy one. Up to you.

Side swept- low bun


Side swept- low bun


Comb your hair back into a low ponytail at the side of your neck. Start twisting and then wrap it around a low bun. You can also go for messy buns. Cute, simple and chic.

Half up-half down


Half up-half down quick hairstyle


It is a go to hairstyle for many girls. Rush your hair, detangle. Take the front portion of your hair from above the ears, pull them in the middle and secure with pins. You are done.

Retro poof


Retro poof hurried hairdo


The front poof is in trend. The hairstyle is very simple. Just take the front portion of your hair and poof it up. Secure with pins and leave the rest of your hair open. It depends on you how much messy or well combed you want the look to be.

Slick It Back


slicked back hairstyle


If you have short hair then you can dress up your bob with a wet look slicked back look. Apply some gel with fingers in your wet hair. Brush it back with a thin-toothed comb to prevent any bumps.

Hairline braid




The stunning little hairline braid is a super-quick way to get cute and chic in a hurry. Side part your hair. Take a portion of hair and start braiding. Pin it on the back of your head.

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