10 Hairstyles To Flaunt This Diwali


10 Hairstyles To Flaunt This Diwali

So everybody all set with the makeup and outfits for Diwali?

Well, I am too gearing up slowly but then I had a thought on what to do about my hair!

So here I bring some easy to make hairstyles which will certainly make a difference to your look this year on Diwali. I hope you guys like these! 🙂

Messy Braided Top Knot-

Deepika is known to sport knot and bun hairstyles most of the time because it really suits her face. This top knot with braids here and there and put together in a high knot is surely something to try for the Diwali occasion as it will definitely give a unique look to your festive look! Don’t forget to pair this hairstyle with heavy jhumkis.

top knot bun

Simple Messy Braid-

An easy and chic looking hairstyle for diwali is this one where you leave the hair length loose near the scalp and make a loose messy braid. Pairing up with matching big earrings will make your look even more stunning.

side swept messy braid

Half Up Hairstyle-

If you are blessed with silky locks then you can easily flaunt this cool hairstyle with a middle portion of your hair tucked up at the scalp while all the other locks adoring your shoulder length! Add a small tika to go well with the festive theme for  Diwali  day!

halp up puff

Twist Up Simple Braid-

Another traditional hairstyle one can opt to flaunt this diwali is this one where middle partitions of hair are twisted up each side and a simple tight braid is made. You can also use flowers to roll up on the braid for a rich festive look! 🙂

twisted up braid

Elegant Side Parted Bun-

This hairstyle is for those who love a clean look for special occasions. This side parted hair bun gives a classy look to you and makes the occasion even more special.

elegant side parted bun

Simple Side Parted Braid-

This goes back to one of the most simple braid style which surely looks great with all the blingy outfits on the eve of Diwali. Pairing this look with the ethnic jewellery will accentuate the look to a great level.

side parted simple braid

Side Swept Locks-

Those whoa re blessed with voluminous and shiny hair and wish to let their hair down can try this gorgeous side swept hair style. This looks quite captivating with the ethnic outfits for Diwali occasion.

side swept lock

Traditional Bun-

One of the most preferred hairstyles due to the poise and ethnicity is this traditional bun with flower wrapped around the bun. A must try hairstyle for Diwali if you love bun hairstyles.

traditional bun

Timeless Middle parting-

Another class apart hairstyle that can be paired with your ethnic gowns on the eve of Diwali is this Middle parted hairstyle with a clean bun. It doesn’t require much accessories and you can go easy with this hairstyle with the heavy outfits of Diwali festival.

timeless middle bun

Middle Parted Open Hair-

This look can go well with any kind of outfit and gives the sensuous look to the face instantly. If you have shiny straight locks then it is absolutely perfect for you otherwise with simple styling products and straightener , one can easily go ahead and achieve this look!

middle partition open

Well, I am thinking about the half up hairstyle as I will not be able to go for a braid one simply  because my hair is not that long for a braid! Lets see what I manage to flaunt on that day! 🙂

Do tell me which ones you will be going for this year!

Have you tried these hairstyles before?

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  1. Half up hairstyle is what i mostly opt for for my hair for special occasions. Its easier to handle, both my look and hectic chaos around. 🙂 I end up with headaches in buns. 🙁

  2. I am so confused after seeing all of them 🙁 What to do Iru, i have silky locks but they are very fine and wavy and I don’t want to end up looking 5 years older than my age coz of the up dos
    Solid confusion hai!


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