10 Handmade Cosmetic & Beauty Brands Available In India


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Handmade products are taking the beauty world by storm due to their highly-effective products that are free from harmful chemicals and side effects. I remember there was a time when chemical-based products were selling like a hot cake in the market but the regular usage of those, led to skin damage for a long time. People experienced different skin problems like blemishes, freckles and other skin issues which ultimately disturbs the overall skin texture. But now, with the arrival of all-natural, chemical-free products, it is easier to maintain the beauty of your skin without putting a lot of chemicals into it. Listing 10 Handmade Cosmetic and Beauty Brands Available In India. Dig in!


Handmade Beauty Products In India:


  • Fuschia

Fuschia is one of my personal favourite organic brand that has really user-friendly and effective natural products which are 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free. This Indian brand makes all the products using the finest ingredients with a pinch of science.

  • Aroma Essentials



Aroma Essentials is a brand which I am sure many of my wonderful readers are not aware of. They sell their products on Instagram and trust me, after using their products myself, I have included them in this list, They are 100% organic, cruelty-free, handmade, made in small batches.

  • Skin Yoga


Skin Yoga is a brand that does purify and detoxify skin like yoga does to the body. This brand is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients and serves the claims really well. Though the price is on the expensive side, you won’t mind spending on your skin.

  • Gularne 


Gulnare is a certifies organic brand that manufactures some handmade and natural products that are absolutely amazing for the skin. They are free from paraben, chemicals, artificial colours and fragrance and are perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin.

  • Vert


Vert products are 100% vegetarian with no added paraben and are absolutely cruelty-free. This brand has both makeup and beauty line which makes it one of the most sort-after brands in India.

  • Juicy Chemistry


Juicy Chemistry is a comparatively new brand when it comes to brand lifespan but this brand is a hot favourite for many. They use purely natural ingredients and manufacture products in small batches with a small shelf life to maintain the quality.

  • Roots and Herbs


Roots and Herbs is a certified cruelty-free and handmade products line that are always with the goal to manufacture some organic products that are good for both your skin and you. The ingredients used are purely natural and are sourced from all organic traders.

  • Soultree

Soultree has a number of makeup and beauty products in their kitty. They manufacture some organic lipsticks and eyeliners which make us look beautiful without any harmful effect.

  • Bio bloom

Bio-Bloom is a paraben, sulphate and preservative-free brand that manufactures handmade and organic products. This brand is all about the goodness of natural ingredients and this is surely one of the most raved brands in India right now.

  • Omved

Omved is a Peta certified cruelty-free brand that specialises in manufacturing organic, herbal and handmade products. Their products are vegan and are made in small batches without the use of any harmful chemicals and other preservatives.

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