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By Ishika, 

Tomato health benefits – Can you imagine cooking without tomatoes? I can’t considering the fact that my mom uses it everyday for making curries specially in evenings-be it aloo matar, aloo tamatar(as it is called in hindi), paneer recepies , or the healthy lots of lauki, turai or the delicacies of rajma, chole, pao bhaji and the list goes on. 

No wonder it is used extensively in  different forms all round the world.  Tomato juice is sold as a drink- easily available in grocery stores and often served to passengers in airlines and almost all buffet breakfast spreads do have tomato juice as one of the option to choose from, although I haven’t seen anyone opting for it 

Besides this, it is eaten raw in salads, and processed into ketchup.  Aren’t you fond of tomato soup. I just love it. Its so easy to cook and full of nutrition. Isnt’t it? Even unripe green tomatoes can be  fried, used to make salsa, and even pickled. Tomato juice is often used in cocktails like Bloody Mary and many others. Tomatoes are acidic in nature which makes them easy to preserve in pieces or paste. They can even be dried and stored with oil. These sun dried tomatoes are extensively used in Italian and mexican cuisines. My favourite pasta recepie with aribiatta sauce is majorly made out of tomatoes. Infact, all pasta recepies using red sauce are made out of tomatoes unless you are making it in white sauce.

Health & Nutrition Benefits

1.Blood purifying food – Consumption of tomato everyday purifies the clood which helps in improving the skin texture making it soft and radiant and also enhance the skin color.

2. Tomatoes in Cancer–  Tomato contains lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant  and natural cancer-fighting agent.  Raw tomatoes taste great but cooked tomatoes are more beneficial. When cooked in little oil, the fat-soluble lycopenes are released fully and the body can absorb it better.  Bright red tomatoes have highest amount of betacarotene and lycopene so we shoud take care while buying them.

3. Tomato for skin –  Tomato can be a great face mask and can also be used as an excellent face peel which does wonders to the skin and i suitable for all skin types. Rubbing tomatoes on the area infested with blackheads opens clogged pores and also removes dead skin. For the fase mask, lie down and put tomato slices on the face for 10-15 min. Rub them on the skin for sometime and leave so that the body can get maximum benefit.  Restores the natural radiance of the skin and also reduces dark spots.

4. Liver diseases -Drinking tomato juice helps in regeneration of damaged, destroyed or surgically removed liver. Tomatoes are rich in chlorine and sulphur which helps the liver in functioning efficiently. It also protects the the liver from congestion and can aid in dissolving gallstones as well.

5. It’s antiseptic properties  can protect the body against various common infections and also help in healing sunburn, wounds and sores.

6.Tomatoes are rich in vitamin K keeps the bones strong and healthy and can also prevent hemorrhages.

7.Tomato is ideal for skin because of its cooling and astringent properties.  Presence of vitamin C makes it helpful for acne and ts naturally acidic properties helps in getting rid of excessive oil. 

8. Scalp problem –  Applying tomato paste in the scalp neutrailses any kind of odour  from the hair which does not go even shampooing.  Leave for fifteen minutes and then wash it off.  It really helps.

9. Heart Disease-Tomatoes are a good source of potassium, niacin, vitamin B6, and folate. Niacin helps in lowering high cholesterol levels.  Potassium rich diet lowers high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.  High levels of homocysteine in the body, which can directly damage blood vessel walls, are associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Vitamin B6 and folate help dealing with this. All of these nutrients work together to make tomatoes a healthy food.

10. Food in diabetes and Migraine– Migrane is one problem that is very common these days. Tomatoes helps as it is a  good source of riboflavin, which helps in  reducing the frequency of migraine attacks.  Tomato is also rich in a mineral called chromium which helps diabetic patients in keeping their blood sugar levels under control.

   Caution while eating tomatoes

1. It is not necessary that something that suits one person with suit all. Tomato juice is rich in nutrients and highly beneficial for the body but it can sometimes cause irritation in the throat for some people. So, better then refraining yourself completely from having tomato juice, add some honey and then enjoy it.

2. Tomatoes are strict no no for people who have suffered from kidney stone problem in the past or have any kind of tendency towards stone formation in any part of the body.

3.Avoid taking tomato juice empty stomach.  It might cause cough and can even disturb the digestive system.

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