10 Healthy Substitutes To Begin Your New Year With!


10 Healthy Substitutes To Begin Your New Year With!

Hello Everyone,

Well, the New Year kick started very well & like every year some chose to stick to the resolutions made for the year while some kept it easy & opted for the “go with the flow” attitude. One of the most important things which I have learnt over all the years is that no amount of enjoyment can actually make you happy as a good health can!

If you are living a healthy life, eating good food ( include the cheat meals every now & then!), indulge in physical activities on a daily basis you can feel the happiness bursting inside you! Its a different kind of kick! A flush of good thoughts for being healthy inside out! 🙂

How about doing some minor changes to your habits, rather unhealthy habits? Well, if you cannot completely change everything overnight & get on track why not try few things at a time & see what difference it does to your health and maybe then you might actually stick to these changes all life along!

So, here are ten best & healthy substitutes you can try, starting today, to begin your New Year with something to look forward to!

Yoga Bars

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yoga bars

You must have a habit of having your favorite snacks like samosa, noodles, vada pav, cakes etc. every evening when you are feeling a little hungry! How about having something healthy, less fried & less sugar loaded? So, these yoga bars are basically snack bars which will satisfy your hunger pangs till dinner time & also are a healthy substitute to all the yummy munchies which have savored your taste buds since so many years! You can carry them along with you in your handbags & whenever you feel like eating junk food or unhealthy snacks just eat these and you will be sorted for the evening!

Of course you can keep a day to satiate your binge for your favorite snack!

Infused Tea

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infused tea

Infused tea is one which is usually prepared with a variety of herbs & are not boiled directly but are left to infuse the taste itself to get a rich taste & aroma! Drinking infused tea two times a day can be a very healthy substitute for your body. Since, it helps in relieving stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation problems, body ache, stomach bloating. It also keeps the body warm if you are someone who lives in an extreme cold climate!

Granola Bars

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granola bars

Another healthy substitute you can try this year is the very famous Granola Bar! It is mainly a sweet baked bar with a variety of healthy ingredients like oats, honey , brown sugar, cereals etc. which are good for the body & provide energy to the body! You can add many other healthy food items like dry fruits, dates,  to make it yummy & packed with a lot of nutrition to keep your hunger n control and also prevent you from binge eating!

Herbs for Salad

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salad with herbs

Herbs are really undermined for their extremely healthy benefits. One should include these in our daily food items! So make it a habit to include various fresh herbs in salads as they make the salad tasteful & a healthy portion of your diet.

herbs in salad

Herbs like parsley, thyme, cilantro, mint, basil, dill, coriander, are readily available. Chop these  finely to make the salad tasteful each day!

Flax Seeds

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flax seeds

Flax seeds/ linseed/ Alsi is a great substitute you should try to include in your diet this year! It is also known as a “super food” for its nutritional value which is really high! They are proven to prevent heart diseases like cardiac stroke etc. which are known to be deadly!

Chia Seeds

chia seeds

It is an excellent source of energy & has power pack nutritional value! Chia is known for its medicinal & health benefits. It improves the skin, promotes digestive functioning, reduce signs of aging, reverse diabetic disorder, supports a healthy heart. Chia seeds can be used in smoothies, on salads and many other ways, so make sure to include this healthy substitute in your diet!

Prefer Iron pans over non-stick utensils

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prefer iron pans

Usually non-stick utensils are coated with teflon. Due to this, it takes less oil products for cooking. Well, sometimes on high temperature releases certain chemicals in the food which are not healthy at all. So prefer iron utensils to cook food as it also increases the iron content of the food which is cooked in it!

Light Dinner

Make it a very healthy lifestyle change by having an optimum amount of food as dinner & eating only nutritional food. Also try eating your dinner a little early. Never go to bed with a heavy dinner. It results in a number of digestive problems!

Cut-down Sugar intake

sugar intake

Try to cut down your direct sugar intake. High sugar tends to give many more health issues than we can ever imagine and so if you are fond of having sweets, try the healthier options which are sugar free, or made with organic sugar which is less harmful! Cut down a spoon of sugar in your tea and make it a routine! It will surely help you in keeping your sugar levels in check!

Choose Stairs/ Lift

choose stairs

Try taking the stairs while heading to the office if you are literally out of time & cannot spare enough time for physical exercise! This minor change in your life will give you amazing results & you will start feeling the beneficial changes with this daily activity!

I hope you liked all of these healthy substitutes to start you New Year with a promise to make this year great on the health front!

Have you tried any of these substitutes before?


  1. Flex seed n chia seed to use karty hain,healthy salad bhi rehta hi hai, mostly mujhy unhealthy chize pasand hi nahi ya kam hi khaati hu, shyad shuru se hi yehi habbit rahi hai
    Haan exercise mujh se nahi hoti isliye moti hoti ja rahi hu, per khush hu


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