10 Hello Kitty Makeup Mirror That We All Are Drooling On


10 Hello Kitty Makeup Mirror That We All Are Drooling On

Hello Kitty!!!!

Ohhh, did my greetings made you wonder if I am all okay or not? After all my lovely readers cannot be called kitty. Well once you know what kitty I am referring to, you all will adore to be called kitty, at least I will.

“Hello Kitty” is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. She is depicted as an anthropomorphic white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow. She has a huge market to her name with a vast number of adult customers. Originally Hello Kitty was aimed at pre-adolescent females, now Hello Kitty’s market has broadened to include adult consumers. She can be found on a variety of products ranging from school supplies to fashion accessories and high-end consumer products.

Hello Kitty Themed Toilet

The Hello Kitty trend is hot enough, so much so that people even get customized bathrooms with Hello Kitty as theme.

I totally dig in Hello Kitty products, they look oh so cute. The latest trending Hello Kitty product is the Hello Kitty Makeup Mirrors. From lighted to compacts, markets are flooded with cute Hello Kitty Makeup Mirrors which we are drooling on. If you are still not smitten by the cute Hello Kitty products, then you must definitely check these makeup mirrors.

Have a look.

Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror - 01

To start with, look at this lighted makeup mirror. This is most trending Hello Kitty mirror. The pink color goes certainly very well with the girly theme and the LED lights all around the mirror makes it easy to do makeup perfectly even when you do not have a lot of lighting in room. The stand that it has makes it easy to give this mirror a place at the dressing table.

Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror - 02

This Hello Kitty dressing mirror is quite an elegant choice to make. This mirror goes well with the trend but still is not very kiddish, so if you are a little hesitant in catching up with this trend due to its childish appeal but still want to have this trending touch, then you can certainly get a similar mirror for your vanity room.

Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror - 03

Here we have the Hello Kitty compact mirrors. Nice and sturdy to sneak in your bag and come in handy for the on the go makeup touch ups. These compact mirrors are available with flaps and without a flap as well, you can chose what you like, I would always prefer with flap compact mirrors.

Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror - 04

Again a lighted makeup mirror variant. These mirrors have LED lights all around the mirror and have the Hello Kitty face at the back side. These are battery operated and have no hassle of attaching a wire.

Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror - 05

Another cute heart shaped compact makeup mirror with just the signature hello kitty Bow. This is studded and has all the bling factor that you may want.

Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror - 06

Hello Kitty Hand Makeup Mirror are another most popular makeup mirrors these days. This again is a perfect treat for bling lovers. Even if I am not much into blingy stuff, but for this hand makeup mirror I have a exception. Would love to get one like this!

Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror - 07

A makeup lover mom will definitely have a daughter who equally adores makeup. So this is for your little makeup girl. This may look like a play kit, but it actually is a Hello Kitty lighted makeup mirror with a makeup kit. All attached in a tiny briefcase. The makeup that it has is real and the tiny kitties around the mirror light up. A cute gift for your girl!

Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror - 08

Here we another Hello Kitty lighted mirror with a slight difference. This mirror is for the grownups. It has LED lights and a slight stand like space too hold your little glosses or makeup.

Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror - 09

This lighted makeup mirror has a foldable stand and comes with a wire. If you are looking for a mirror that takes a permanent space at your vanity table, then you can certainly have this one.

Hello Kitty Lighted Makeup Mirror - 10

Another favorite of mine, a cute Hello Kitty lighted makeup mirror which does not look very bulky instead is sleek and cute, the slim stand make it look less bulky. The gorgeous pink studs cannot be ignored here.

These were some really cute Hello Kitty Makeup Mirrors that we are drooling on and would not miss an opportunity to have these. How about you? Which among these got into your wish list?

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