10 Home Decor Ideas For Diwali


Diwali Decor Ideas

So girlies what are your decoration ideas for this Diwali? This festival comes every year but we obviously want to celebrate it in a different way each time. So let’s get started and do some mix and match of traditional and modern.


This one is the most important part of Diwali in every home. There are a lot of designs that can be made using traditional patterns and colours. Go chic this year and let your imagination run wild. Make your rangoli using the trendy polka dots in pop colours. If you like graffiti then incorporate some of that in your rangolis. Use some sparkles, sequins, rhinestones etc. to add some shimmery glam to the rangoli. You can make a rangoli using sticky tapes of various shades.

Home Décor Ideas for Deepavali  Rangoli

Indoor Plants For Diwali Decor:-

Include some jingle-bells to Diwali. Get some indoor plants and decorate them your way to give a Christmas-y twist to your home. Experiment with various patterns of vases or just take the good ole clay pots and use your art and craft skills to style them.

Lampshades For Diwali Decor

Instead of the kandil-style lampshades, experiment with international patterns. Try the colourful Turkish shades, elegant French or decorative Italian styles as per your preference. If you are on the more creative side, create your own lampshade with old discarded items like glass jars, cupcake linersyou come across during Diwali home-cleaning.

Home Décor Ideas for Deepavali Lampshades

Flowers Decoration For Diwali

Take clay or metal pot, fill some water in it and put some flowers and candles in it. This is the most used idea in homes. In fact I keep one such pot at my home year-round. This year I’m going to put some freshly sliced fruits in that vessel. If it sounds crazy to you and you like flowers, then decorate your home with some exotic flowers. You can even make some wall hangings of flowers or use flower garlands instead of curtains. Just don’t go OTT or your home may end up looking like a bride or groom’s home. You can also use flowers to make Rangolis.

Home Décor Ideas for Deepavali Flowers

Fabrics Decor For Diwali:-

You know in your heart of hearts that you will never wear that saree from your wedding trousseau again and also the one that was gifted by some random person- too blingy or old fashioned or just not your type. This festive season is a great opportunity for those garments to see the light of the day. Use them as throws, rugs, bedcovers, curtains wall-hangings or in any other way of your choice.

Home Décor Ideas for Deepavali Fabrics


Buy light-strings of different patterns and decorate your rooms with them. Usethem as curtains, bundle them to make a beautiful bunch of lights or use them to light up the corners.

Home Décor Ideas for Deepavali Lights


Confetti and other colourful fancy papers are a great addition to the decorations. Take small pieces of different papers, mix them in a glass bowl and use it to adorn your centre table. You can stick confetti on your tables and couch. But make sure to not go the birthday decoration way.


All of us have innumerable trinkets. This year instead of matching them with your dress, match them with your home. Use your lovely jewellery to embellish table-cover, sofas, bedcovers, curtains, showpieces and even the sweet-plates and pooja-thalis.

Paint For Diwali Decor:-


The market is overflowing with textured paints and wallpapers. Pick whatever suits you and highlight one wall of each room. This way you don’t need to go for a paint-job in whole house and you still get a fresh look for your home. Even on the outdoors, you can highlight some balcony or wall as per your choice.

Diyas For Diwali Decor

Diwali is incomplete without diyas. Buy some pretty eco-friendly diyas for your home or if you have time, make some yourself. Keep them outdoors and don’t forget to cover them with beautiful shades when using them for indoor decoration. You can buy some hanging diya-stands and arrange diyas on them. You can take a few small glass-bowls or glasses and keep one diya in each and enhance the lighting-effect. Do include some scented candles for a sweet smelling and welcoming home.

Home Décor Ideas for Deepavali Diyas

I’ve listed my ideas but there is no limit for imagination. Just be inventive and make your home the talk of the town.Raid a home décor shop and get something entirely different from your previous purchases. Go for pastels, neons and colour-blocked pieces. Buy something similar to your trendy wardrobe. That ought to give your home a contemporary touch.

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