How to Use Makeup Brushes


After I shared my online shopping experience with, few of you purchased the makeup brush kit and mailed me about it :).Pavani asked me to do a post on how to use makeup brushes(regrets for the delay girl) so thought of doing it on sunday when I have loads of time in my hand.

Like I said in the previous post these brushes are of average quality however can be a good try for those who are beginners in makeup.There is no number mentioned on the post and only MAC is written on their brushes which is kind of funny.:D:D

How to use makeup brushes

These are the eye makeup brushes which I have used from the makeup brush set.Though a small collection of basic brush is more than enough but diverse variety of brushes are available for women who like to spend playing with eye makeup :).From small application brush to large application brush there is everything in this makeup brush set in which some of them are pretty ok-iesh to use.

Eye makeup brushes set

How to use eyeshadow brushes

These are the three main specific eyeshadow brushes. With the help of these brushes one can apply eye makeup cleanly .The brush below picks up and deposits color like a typical sponge applicator. There are in various sizes and some are slightly angled. For more complex look, one can use 3-4 of them together.

How to use makeup brushes

How to use angle brush

This brush has firm bristles and it can be used to fill in the sparse area of the eyebrow. One can even use it as an eyeliner brush to line along the lashes .This is a tricky brush – a kind of must have but one has to be careful while using it as overdoing of this can give artificial looking brows.

How to use eyeshadow brush

How to use a brow brush

The strong stiff spiral brush is used to catch the hard hairs of eyebrows.You need to brush them upward and pluck any stray hairs.When you push the brush upward you can easily see the unwanted long hair which  can be  removed with the help of a twizzer or a small scissor.

When your eyebrows are shaped you can groom them with the other brush. One must use it to brush the brows towards the outside of the face. This way it makes the eyebrows looks well groomed.

Best way to use eyebrow brush

How to use sponge brush

This brush has a sponge tip over it and it is like a must have for those who are into smokey eye makeup. Though this brush set doesn’t have a small sponge brush which helps in blending the harsh lines or your lash line more easily. You can just put a black eyeliner and take a black eyeshadow and smudge it to soften the harsh line. You can also smudge the colour on the lower lash line with the help of this brush.

It can also be used to smudge the eyeshadow or blend the harsh line of the crease.


How to use smudger brush

How to use Fan brush

Fan brush gives that soft and subtle look. If you have loose powder blush with you then make use of the fan brush. Start from the middle of the cheek and sweep the brush in upward angle towards your ear. One can dust off the excess eye makeup too with the help of this brush.

You can also use to dust light shimmer powder on your face or body.


How to use Fan Brush

How to use contour brush –

As the name suggests this brush is used for contouring. To use this brush,, gently pick up the bronzer with the angle side of the brush.Remove excess product by tapping on the back of the hand and then with a light hand sweep this brush under the side of the cheek bone.Blend and blend the bronzer evenly.


How to use blush brush

How to use blush brush and powder blush

Then there is bigger fan brush which can be used to apply shimmer on body and re distribute loose powder on the face.Blush brush is the best makeup brush which one can ever own .I think one’s makeup is not complete without using a blush brush.

How to use makeup brushes

How to use a lip brush

One can use lip brush to give a more defined line to their lips .I mostly use lip brush when I am wearing red or fuchsia colours .When using the lip brush, dab the colour on the center of the lower lip and then take it to the lip corner until whole of it  is covered.Give soft stroked to the lips for even and smooth application.


How to use lip brush

How to use foundation brush

There is a foundation brush in the kit but I seriously think that one should avoid using it.It is better to get a better quality brand brush than use this one or the best would be to use your finger for applying foundation if you don’t have any.

So this ends the details of buyincoins makeup brushes usage.Do let me know if I have missed out any brush which you think is a must have 🙂

Hope you guys are having a fabulous Sunday.:)

Your neighbourhood friend


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    • Thanks for liking the post shikhs..had put in lot of effort into it ….
      u can start with QVS brushes or vega brushes ..must have can be eyeshadow brush, blush brush, foundation or powder blush..if u like using bronzer or have mastered the art then angle brush..:)

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