10 Hydrating DIY Recipes For Skin



10 Hydrating DIY Recipes For Skin

Dry, dehydrated skin is one of the worst problems faced by me. The chilly winters and these March days, when the sun shines hot and wind blows cold, when its summer in the light and winter in the shades, this time of the year make the problem even worse.
I used to spend so much on products from the markets in the hope to soothe and treat dry and dehydrated skin, but nothing seemed to work perfectly. Then I started to use homemade DIY hydrating masks and packs which didn’t cost a bomb and helped a lot to hydrate my desert like skin.
Here are some useful tips which you can follow.

Remember that if your skin feels dry, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is dehydrated, it might mean you’re lacking oil; but dehydrated skin may be the cause of dry skin, where your skin needs water rich products.

Egg yolk and honey


Hair Strengthening Mask_Beaten Egg+homemade hair mask


Egg yolks are jam-packed with nutrition and honey is among the oldest natural beauty products used to treat health, skin and body. Beat an egg yolk with a spoon of honey, apply on face and wash off after 15-20 minutes.

You can also try this coffee infused egg yolk pack as well. Read HERE.

Watermelon and milk


watermelon skin care facepack


Blend a few pieces of watermelon to a smooth puree/juice. Add a teaspoon of milk to it. Apply it all over face and neck. If you feel the pack is too runny, you can dip a cotton ball in it and dab on face and also can place them on tired eyes. You’ll feel amazing.

You can try this watermelon and mint pack as well. Read HERE.

Cool Cucumber


cuucmber for under eyes


Refrigerate the cucumber for sometime if you want an extra cooling effect. Take it out and use a grater and grate it into a fine pulp. Apply the pulp on your face and neck and leave it for 20mins. Rinse with plain water. You can apply this daily. So mild and so hydrating.

Aloe Vera


homemade aloevera hair mask


Mix aloe Vera pulp, honey and fresh cream/curd into a smooth paste. Make sure the quantity of Aloe Vera is more than the rest two. Apply on face and dry areas, massage gently and wash off after 30 minutes.

Whey and Honey

Whey is rich in amino acids and proteins. It hydrates, moisturises and tones skin, the age reversing properties help is reducing wrinkle, fine lines and lightening spots and pigmentation. The anti-microbial properties of whey work amazingly on acne and pimples too. So take mix whey and honey in 4:1 ratio. Apply on face, neck and arms. Keep for 30 minutes and wash off with normal water.

Whey dip

Add 4 cups of whey in your bathtub and soak yourself in it for 20-30 minutes. The acidity in whey will restore the pH value of the skin to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin cells.

Strawberry and Honey

Strawberries not only are rich in vitamin C but also contain alpha hydroxy acids help in exfoliating and hydrating and also allowing the honey, a potent humectant, to better penetrate the skin’s surface. Mix the ingredients together. Apply to the face and neck. Wash after 20 mins.

Papaya and Mango


Papaya benefits for skin


Mash a few pieces of ripe mango and papaya and apply on face gently massaging in circular motions. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse with normal water. You can use only papaya or only mango as well.

Grape and Rose water

Peel a few grapes and mash well. Add a few drops of rose water and apply evenly on face and neck. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse with normal water.

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1 tbsp of cacao powder mixed with cold water and carrot juice in equal ratio. Massage gently in circular motions and leave on face and neck for about 20 minutes before rinsing with normal water.

Let’s start hydrating our skin right from today!

Have you tried any of these homemade face packs?

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