10 Important Benefits Of Makhane


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Makhane or Fox Nut is a useful Asian seed that has both medicinal and health benefits. It is used i
n the Indian cuisine since time immemorial and has been a healthy and nutritive snack for munching. It belongs to the Lotus family and has a wide range of benefits. To be really frank, I didn’t know about this seed but after reading about the tremendous benefits a few days back, I thought to share this with all my beautiful readers! Scroll down. 🙂

Insomnia Remedy: Makhane has nutrients that help to cure sleep disorder that is Insomnia. Munching a handful of Makhane is a much better option that taking sleeping pills.

Sexual Activity: Makhane helps to enhance the sex life of people too. For males, it helps to control and increase their sperm level while for women, it helps to increase their fertility level.

Controls Blood Pressure: Makhane has high potassium and low sodium level which helps in controlling Blood pressure for hypertension patients. The potassium level present will help to control the Blood Pressure in the body.

Good for Arthritis: Rich in Calcium, Makhane is a very good and useful food item for those who have Arthritis.

Great For Digestion: As Makhane is very high in fibre, it helps in digestion to a great extent. It helps to increase metabolism rate and is a boon for patients with digestive ailments.

Diabetic Solution: As Makhane has low-fat content, it releases less sugar which means a good snacking item for Diabetic Patients.

Kidney: Makhane helps to regulate blood circulation in the kidney which helps to maintain a healthy kidney.

Heart disease: Makhane has medicinal properties which help to control heart disease and make the cardiovascular system stronger which helps to combat the ever growing heart disease rate.

Weight Loss: Makhane is high in fibre and low in fat which makes it an ideal snack for weight loss. It stimulates the metabolism of the body and also helps to control weight.

High Protein: This is one of the best ways to provide plant protein to the body. Not only the protein content is high but is also gluten free which is a boon for those who are allergic to gluten.

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