10 Indian Blouse Design


Hey wiseshe beauties 🙂

How are u all??I wanted to do a post on wiseshe since long.. but being a lazy bum I just couldn’t.seeing  the interest of you all on Reddy`s DIY Anakrkal suit post ,thought of doing this post.These are the pics of my cousins blouses.she took special interest because these all sarees were for her wedding…have a look ,may be something may interest you..afterall we all love designer blouses..right???

This was a plain pattu blouse but she wanted it to look grand,so we gave it for embroidery work..and this is the final look..

Blouse design marron wedding blouse design


This has green and golden work



Blouse design saree blouse design




DIY Blouse design blouse designer



Blouse design indian saree blouse back designs



Blouse design DIY 6fancy saree blouse designs



This is my version to the above design..this will be my first own  saree(its for my diploma day!!!)and ya I forgot to mention that I designed and customized this saree all by myself..complete DIY(it was for 6000/- in the store but I finished off in 2800/-)…

Blouse design pink dressy blouses



blouse designs Indian sari blouse designs



Blouse design blouse designer

And below are the casual wear saree blouses..

This blouse has kind of filp hand..




Blouse design dressy blouses




Blouse design saree blouse designs 2010




Blouse design blue



yellow blouse design


Hope you all liked these designs 🙂

Good luck girls!!


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  1. omggg!! these r so prettttyyy ..i will just chop their sleeves and make them halter or cut sleeves for myself..such good ideas Pavani….loves themmmmmmm :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:

  2. My mom makes her own blouses and mine too!! Great post Pavani ji!! I’m going to pull my mom ove to the pc and force her to read this to get some more cool idea! Navratri and Diwali coming up and office parties are lined up as well :tap-dance: :dance-leftright:

  3. WOw! m super impressed Pavani!! so many ideas..i also recently got embroidery work done on on eof my plainer blouses..i was so surprised when the tailor told me that he cud so that! m so sari-ignorant i tell u..i was like’ REAL:Y??’ hehe

    this is so super pretty..thanx so much for posting this..

  4. i was watching a women show on afternoon tv. they intro few interesting shopping places. It was a “miss india sarees” in vengalraonagar main road( its near S R nagar ) . They had some cool stuff for 2500 to 3000. Price is good. i loved the combinations. any girls interested can go there. i did not make a visit but from what i have seen on tv i will pay a visit one day if not soon


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