10 Innisfree Lip lacquer Liquid Lipstick Photos and Swatches


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ininsfree 10liquid lip laquer

Yesterday we went to Innisfree India and checked so many skin care and makeup products. Innisfree is a korean beauty and makeup brand and it is slowly spreading its branches to all over india. Innisfree India offers loads of different kinds of beauty and makeup products and claims being herbal and organic.

We all have been longing to try Korean beauty secrets and want to know how their skin and hair looks lustrous all the time?? Innisfree spilla the beans about their beauty secrets perfectly.Their sheet mask are so popular and yesterday we did get to check their signature sheet masks ,makeup and different kind of skin care as well :)..There is a video coming up soon for it on our youtube channel.You will get to see the whole store.

I have been big fan of organic beauty products because they treat your skin gently and gives great results. Innisfree claims that they are 95% natural vegan and paraben free. Being a makeup and beauty junkie I couldn’t resist my self and started preparing my list to buy their products.Although, they have been nice enough to send us some goodies which we will share with you soon 🙂 Those who follow us on Insta must be knowing about them before only.

Here I am going to share with you their Lip lacquer Liquid Lipstick photos and swatches and little brief of them as well-

ininsfree liquid lipstick wand

They have total 10 color in their Lip lacquer Liquid Lipstick collection and each shade has number not a particular name.

Here is a brief about 10 Innisfree Lip lacquer Liquid Lipsticks

These liquid lipstick are glossy in texture and has super creamy formula. These lip lacquer are pretty opaque .And all the below shades have been swiped just once. The whole range of these lip lacquer are loaded with stunning colors.

ininsfree liquid lipstick swatches

From L to R-Shade numbers 01 to 10

  • 01- True clear gloss.
  • 02- Pretty peach color with mily hints
  • 03- Beautiful Coral with pink undertones
  • 04- True red, looks beautiful on every kind of skin tones
  • 05- Stunning oxblood shade with wine hints
  • 06- Exotic Magenta shade with deeper tones
  • 07- Pretty hot pink shade with blue undertones
  • 08-Beautiful peach shade with orange hints
  • 09- True baby pink shade
  • 10- Very Milky orange shade, suits only fair skin tones.

Enjoy the photos and swatches and stay tune for more 🙂



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